What is an achievement?

To be able to measure what has been achieved is ground for growth. We have to be able to know and see accomplishments, results and effects of our work to proceed and make progress. We have to be able to evaluate our doings critically, good things and not so good things done.  How well we are able to do this is again a result of many things. Self-perception, self-worth and objectivity play a big part. Can we accept criticism given and change our ways, can anybody give feedback and is somebody else’s feedback more valuable than some other’s. How do we value our work and results ourselves? Why do we do what we do, reasons for working and achieving. Is it good for me only or good for many. How valuable am I as a person when I do the work that I do.

Does my achievement show, is it shown, forgotten, undervalued, regarded rightfully, equally, copied and imitated. Do I get the credit I deserve? Most everybody who does creative work goes through it all the time. We seek recognition like love and we seek it desperately. It is a sensitive field and can easily lead to corruption. It makes narcissists and twisted means flourish. So knowing this how do we measure achievement? What are our guiding lines and achievements we compare to deeds of our own?