What do you think of Critical Race Theory?

Killer, pencil on paper, acrylic on canvas, 2022

The most interesting thing is how Fine art especially accepts trends without any criticism and schools and universities teach these newly created doctrines like the word of God. Fine art thrives with trends like fashion does and doesn’t think or know any better, which makes one think how legitimate their teachings and clicks are. How effective in changing societies more just Fine art is, one can and should doubt. Making those luxury goods, are we now? Social justice is also a sellable object. You are on the right side, the side of the oppressed and that is what media loves to be too. Many artists face this reality as they are forced to think and say the right thing and if they don’t, they are silenced, removed from sight and their reputation is smeared. How just and wise that is, one must and should ask, especially the institutions that wash themselves clean with social justice. You are doing advertising, not social justice.

From Finland

Think about how gossiping makes you feel, powerful, right. You are observing someone’s life from above and laughing at it or having other kind of reactions. What kind of power that is to be able to know what goes on in other people’s lives and be able to discuss that? What does gossip do and what is the purpose? It has many purposes of which most aren’t positive. It is a power play of simple people who feel powerless without the possibility of being able to put someone down. This is of course a global phenomenon which one should be very careful about. It makes us careful who we trust if anyone. Gossip makes you look so intelligent, doesn’t it. Especially when you don’t know..wtf.

Gossip, word of mouth. It is to believe, that what is said, is passed forward in faith it will do harm and is somehow justified, a play of hierarchy. By saying the things you say you will cause something which may become a storm. It is used to destroy people or it is used to do something else. What other can gossip make than harm? Haters make nowadays social media phenomenons of those who are hated, there are few examples. This may turn out to be a good thing in the end as people understand at some point how useless and simple hating is as a strategy and how it tells more about those who hate and gossip than of those who are targeted. How something so hateful and negative can turn out to be a good thing? Gossip can be advertising as it travels in speed that positive things do not. There is an image of human nature there and what stands as interesting to us.

Fine art proves in so many ways how fascist its structures and practices of thought are, it keeps things  willingly as stagnant as possible. Such state is more lucrative, to keep things unchanged as to change anything takes a lot of hard work, and yes thinking. People obviously do not notice.