It is dirty say cunt. It is dirty to be a cunt. It is dirty to look at a cunt. It is dirty to talk about cunt. What a cunt is probably the worst profanity to say of someone.

I never stop wondering. Curiosity attracts me. The kind of curiosity of how we get made, curiosity towards the world, what is it and how it works, keeps making itself. Desire to know has never left me nor has desire to push myself as far as I can. It is the most pleasurable feeling to learn to know what I can do and learn. Me, the small me.


A sermon on Thursday: I have deep faith in human evil. No, I don’t wish it to exist and happen, but still it does, deep. I know it sounds so terrible, but I just cannot help myself.

There is nothing that changes in terms of hatred, because it is the easy way and collective. It accelerates, spins faster and faster without us wanting to stop. We belong to it, we are of more hate than of love. Revenge is a tool for those who are not able to change, who do not want change, who are righteous. This means I have faith in people and their acting in a certain way like clockwork. You make yourselves repeat the same. You think you are complex, that is the funny part. Things you accomplish may be, but you are not.

My faith means I think there are things in us that do not change and it is the way we think and how those thoughts make action. It is not something new – evil and my faith in it. All the good people who also are bad people is a norm. We are good in our sinister, illusion-filled and self-loving way, as much as there is room for good and usually there is very little. People do have to some extent faith in the good in people, it gives us hope. We define the good and we must seek it, even promise our devotion to it. Those who exist among and within the bad is the difficult and horrible scenario and a fact, living with and inside bad knowingly, like accepting it, avoiding it so, that it does not touch nor hurt, scared and sunken. What a ludicrous idea altogether. There isn’t much we can do as it seems. Evil humanity could not be more obvious.

To have faith in the good while doing the bad is a weird thought. We cannot honestly say evil prevails in us and because of us even though it clearly does. We say it is far away and someone else. We do not admit to it and we attack it and we hate it lovingly. To have faith in those who hurt knowingly and deliberately we like to give patriotic and other explanations. To do it yourself is the unthinkable but done effortlessly. I think we are exited about the bad in us. It gives us a thrill. All the things we can do. We like to believe liars and live in a world of violence and say we are better than people before us. We have evolved.  This is my faith in humanity. I believe in the bitter, hurtful and evil man. He is true to himself to the end and in a way true in his actions. Pass on the bad and it will live forever and expand many times over. The most effective part of humanity is the opposite of what is thought is good. The most effective we are in our bitter hatred. To have faith in evil of course testifies that I am evil and I do evil, I commit and worship evil. Maybe that is true since I am a human being, but at least I question myself. I do it everyday. There is no escape for humans what comes to evil. I do not know whether people who do evil things consciously declare themselves evil, very possibly they do not. Hypocrisy and denial keep the image and posture no matter what you do. People are masters of deception, self-deception and deceiving others to benefit the most powerful, to keep on going on this chosen path. I think we do change the world but not ourselves, because to change as a person is difficult and demands constant effort, which is mostly painful. Honesty and sincerity do not make the biggest paychecks, get the best respect, best positions, most friends and most wealth.

“They want you to lift the veil pulled over your eyes by the progressives who secretly control society. Like Neo escaping the Matrix, your choice is to wake up and see how the world really is, discarding religion, subjectivity, and feminist indoctrination. Conspiracy theorists, Men’s Rights Activists, Pick-Up Artists, GamerGate, even theNeoreaction: all of these communities share a common creed, tech-fluent and superficially self-aware. To outsiders, it’s distinctly conservative. But they don’t see themselves as conservatives at all.”