Discipline is high virtue. In a world where strictness is a negative trait results are rather alarming and we get what we become accustomed to which is often pure bs.

Disciplined to work, to concentrate, to study, to have a plan to follow, to go one’s own path regardless of what others may say and think. Strictness is in today’s world a negative outlook to oneself and to others demanding something maybe too much because why bother. This is the attitude I hear and see very often and I do not wonder one bit people think they are more clever than they actually are. What is too much to know and master one can ask, too much to ask for someone to accomplish and become? To have discipline and order of strictness has an echo of an old world in which students and children are and were pushed into corner and become just like adults are and were: to be in control of their desires, well-mannered, hard-working, obedient, God-fearing lawful citizens believing authorities know what they are doing and are trustworthy.

Working alone in a craft (art and writing) which take an awful lot of work to master, one has to have a goal set to where one is aiming, which goal is to become better and better at it and far better at one’s craft than one can imagine to be. So it is kind of surprise how far one can go. We never know for sure and certainly people around telling what is possible and what is not is not helping and in a way it is, because my anger is partly force that powers me. Sounding driven is exactly it, obsessed and enjoying doing what one does. Still cannot help of wondering quantity of the negative load and hostile atmosphere there is which truly wishes to drag anybody down. To lift someone up just by saying good for you, well done, someone you do not know and a female is too much. I do what I see is necessary to be done and there are too few people doing that.

I gain strength from doing the things I enjoy most. It is my best friend and never lets me down. Those things probably don’t have the same value for others and here is where the wondering bit starts. (I also wonder why you wonder something so self-evident) To me it is no wonder at all to be interested in ideas that might make a difference. I have this conclusion because I have been told what I do is mostly useless. Only value being money and making it, it is clear to be wondrous why someone is interested in something that has poor future prospects. Well I see it that mankind already has poor future prospects. People making money have made the world go from recession to recession. I don’t see value doing crime, lying and deception. I loath such choices and people who take the easy way. When your only discipline is to make more money surely you are powerful and grande. The more money you have it is only fair and right for you to distribute it for your community. To keep everything for yourself isn’t the way to do business, because business isn’t just business. Middle class existence which is filled with pleasure-seeking, indifference, self-prizing and self-love is nothing but despicable. To speak in strong language is one way to wake up those who like the way of things and do not want to risk anything because they are not the ones at immediate risk and danger. To risk oneself for others while fighting for myself is the best action.

Rites attracting the male attention? Not entirely true.

Big ass movement women standing on their hands legs spread face against the wall, all attention on the large wobbling butts. Acrobatics of asses. It is for me the most outrageous dance move at the moment which of course first caught my attention on music videos of many artists. It repeats, it raises attention and stir. The same reaction of wtf I get of a woman clinging on a fence again legs apart as she is wobbling herself. I don’t know if it is ancient times meeting the future or just pure suburban rage of colored women. They are the ones inventing dance at the moment as ever and they have got the sexiest bodies with figures to show. It is a mind-blowing act, space invading total awareness of one’s sexuality and building it in public. The whole woman is a vulva. Complete stating of self-confidence, claiming of self, expressing creatively without authority by grabbing the obstacles like steel fences, walls and poles (penises to rub against) and take over a sexist state of mind making sexism belong to the target of oppression. This I understand as control. Controlling what kind of pleasure is given, who has the most pleasure and fun is the one who has new tricks. Who owns this body you are watching, why are you watching, I like that you are watching, what do you dare to do fucking pussy.
It is a dazzling moment of I don’t know what to think of this invasion of bodies, but I don’t wish it to go away. It is a kind of street-wise dance revolution. It is purely decadent, pornographic and filthy, willingly. That is where the money is, in stripping, porn, prostitution, music business etc. Was it the first issue of butt dance when women were rubbing their asses against male crotches especially in r&b- and rap-music videos, which I found extremely sexist scenes. Maybe not, phenomenons repeat. Big body parts used as they are looked at to be looked at more without any shame. Dancers imitating sex on dance floor as if we were going back in time when the main reason for dancing was to attract and find a partner to breed, when there was no shame in having sex and liking it.
Ok, I’m a fan.