Divinity in service of leadership

Cases of hypocrisy and macho-made divine culture is the case in many sizable and powerful nations exploiting faith. Staying and gaining power, to justify and make ill human action have God’s blessing. One side to tyranny is to build a legend and myth over one person and make him second largest in the known world. Who could be bigger than God who is a man himself. Totalitarian power is based on underestimation and anti-intellectual forceful superiority of chosen ideology and chosen humanity which steps on diversity and difference, which usually are seen as threats. There is a strict pure way to rule and think, which wishes to eliminate all other ways of expression, knowing, living and believing. This is how capitalism functions at the moment with the help of surveillance and the very orthodox goal of only expanding its power and wealth of those who serve this particular God. (For a moment it sounded like Russia.)

God who is the ultimate authority working through and with those who dare to speak his words. Words of God which cannot and must not be questioned, but are interpreted and decoded (translations of translation, faith at work in multi-production of men with power and production of meaning). What comes to Christianity and power it holds in the world of religion it is clearly said thou shall not kill and the same goes for judging. It is not up to people to make the ultimate decisions over anyone. This I understand is against death penalty, ill-treatment of homosexuals, disabled and of anybody. One who is truly having faith should know this and obey.