A dead bird, a large her on cock

What is a delicious blowjob? What is the eatable enjoyment a moment to fill in so much so that it is the only idea there is to do with me and be done. Is it human? He thinks his penis tastes good? Or is the deliciousness in his mouth in his body the feeling the sensation looking at me sucking.

It is when one suddenly is faced with the fact that one is one mouth, one asshole which can be endlessly fucked, one cunt, one tongue. One gratifying sight into which a man can melt. There is a desire to shove a large hard-on cock, a large hard-on dick, a large hard-on penis, a large hard-on prick, shove it as deep as it goes. It will be the only thing there is, to see me sucking, and shove even further when it does not fit and see my face. Pain is necessary to bring pleasure for the one who causes it. For some to serve is pleasurable. It is a service to open one’s mouth for one purpose only and be seen as slave, a whore.

When act comes to an end I am to swallow, the dream is to swallow a dream, to give head, get down on him, be on one’s knees, let one’s head to be torn apart and be an asshole. It is an act of penetrating a mind which is also a body. Something where mind has stopped to be autonomous and all meat begins, is what is left of her, of me. Mind is in the dirt as it is in leash, the open mouth with which one cannot speak is full of moving penis, full and as open as a mouth can be. Breathing through one’s nostrils is harder till one is not able anymore but suck and lick and take it back. Little death is too little when fulfillment is for the man only. It has to be big one. The more obedient one is the better. Disgust must not show, that you are disgusted for being used like that, that you hate the look on his face. You just take it all in your mouth, the action, movement, size of his, everything. Everything is the demand. Everything is what he wants. Organ you are sucking, the man you are sucking, him you are fulfilling. Do you do what he asks you to because you want to be loved? Do you do it till you gag and almost throw up because he wants to? Are you so eager to please and afraid that this is the all of love there is? To understand the thrill of torture, subjugation which he doesn’t admit is torture because he enjoys it so much. He enjoys to think he knows what he is doing and he is doing what he wants.

Why so open? What is this all about? Why be like a bird to be fed taken by the neck and be used like that? That there will be a reward and love there in the end. I have been a good cat, good bird, good girl, the good in it. Seduction with feathers and a counterpart to fit ending to be his moment.