A poem for monsters. How much is in you to give? A test.

Can you love an ugly child? Fat, tiny, whiny and useless, suddenly appearing into your life. Is it organic or manufactured, artificial or natural?
Can you love an ugly child who looks like trouble growing with hunger and thirst, who does not belong here or anywhere but needs a place to stay? Whose whole being yells how out of place she is even though she is quietly looking at you.
Can you give affection to a little beast who is an image of you? Maybe forgotten and hidden. Who reminds you of your weaknesses, your desires which you cannot attend to and fulfil because of that visible existence of someone new, an invader, an intruder grabbing you from your gut. Sounds like a leach.
Can you put priorities of your own aside and love someone with two heads and a heart that pounds noise in which nobody can sleep, unconditionally, without saying you owe me?
Screaming, needy and pathetic, noisier and messier. Heads following sudden ideas, not obeying anything said. Someone with three legs, several hands and wide open mouths nonstop.
Can you love an ugly child that needs to be loved more than you could ever imagine, loved more than you love yourself?
Put all your warmth on that tiny body that breaks everything just to try out what happens? How much warmth do you have to spare and what changes?

Measuring temperature with hand on one’s forehead for a minute. It tells me something. How accurate it is if my head is hot and my hand is cold.

What to do on green grass?
Roll over light optimism as expected, as taken for granted
light of optimism the night of when I am interested in the light of the truth that lying on grass brings: Truth a carefully weight bearable word to be carried
not more nor less, new grass, always new and fresh, tended similarly everywhere
word no more no less, grass, color of it does something to your mind.


Art is there as mere decoration, but mostly non-existent. Oh what lunacy, I feel like screaming. What is it about visual harmony that appeals to us, or some of us. It is for the most of us. How are we made to believe it is good? Imitating harmonious state of mind, some kind of ease and comfort. Clarity, clear view to lightness. Lightness as white, light, day, sun, morning, growing, flourishing. Is this a bourgeois dream?

Abolishing colour in see-through with plastics. Stylish bump into concrete, grass, steel and glass. Hugeness in the illusion of space, availability and air, door which you cannot see nor find. Where is the handle? (they open when you approach, doors). It is called intelligent design, movement sensitive, observant, probably stylish imitating invisibility and accessibility, meta place. And other thing is our obsession with size, protective surfaces (protection from what?) that glow far, glowing obsession with cheapness, glow shows worth while things, raises attention with taking over space with smile, spaces, minds as spaces to invade and cause massive appetite. What does it smell like? Cleaning substances, explosive mediums to keep it shining. Maybe I’m mistaking the glow. It is the lights in the night after rain that make the divine shine, spots, neon. What would glow of something be without the actual essence, inner-outer body of light, body to shine full of? Effortlessly sliding in beauty, in awe. Breathing in mutual understanding of good. Good that it will be brought to us, good that will become if done as we are asked silently to do, encouraged to be brave and fierce models.

Give me more of that middle-class openness b-shit, I’ll surely explode.

T Stabiliza Sunday bla . No problemI waNT TO DRIVE. nO STOPPING. Engage to Dimensions 12.5 x 10 cm and smaller.

As long as your food intake is good toning up should not take you more than 20 minutes a day. Make sure you are getting  

There is a problemBe £40.50. No price tags, please. Become a seed, as tiny as you can, don’t think about the price, loss or anything else but becoming potential, ready to grow

disciplined, demure and patient
the rest is just process.
think as many muscles as possible
while quickly moving from one thought to the next to keep your heart rate high.
Your Start in a this position with your body in Quark
a straight line is gone
your head to your heels. Keeping your arms straight
core engaged, shift your weight
onto your left arm,
rotate, and raise your right arm
toward the ceiling so that your body forms a D;
your right foot should now be on top of your left. Smile inside. Pause for, then return to the starting position and repeat on the table in front. That’s one thing. Sit.
Grand-M position next as. a thought since you are now a seed

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great quality calories and protein.


a Day off at the racesPage not found in Dutch, and other quotes by the President of Bethlehem Steels

stolen words written with mud on newly painted vehicle for five with western twang by my shaking finger. And I laughed. It felt so good, mud in my fingers and to do something fantastically ridiculous. Whip. (Cleaning my hands to my shirt, trousers, dirty work with your hands)
Luminescence: Any emission of light that cannot be attributed merely to the temperature of the emitting body.
Just to warn you, when you walk by, when you place your eyes on me. The mud, a twang, looking up to the luminescenced clouds over this. How they seem to be luminescence? How is it possible for them to be luminescence?
I had a beer since it is my day off. quote:  Agreement with governor Blanchard, finally
fall on attitude, no no, heartbrat, brat, bratt who ultimately controlled governments funds at the end of the 1980s, business condigions to survive, and the management consultants doubted him. That’s fair. Chances of survival worst of all he didn’t. Sigh. quote end. Coming crucifuxing, to have faith and other blushihi t danger in dangered. My broken half, my fabulous dancers, my running winnings. And other
smallest things

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