How to draw a bambi?

How to draw a bambi?

How to draw a bambi?
You need to ditch that chewing gum.

You think about the
bambi gliding puzzled on ice with other drawn characters in the movie.

You will shit on yourself when you die. Timeless truth which makes you want to eat less.

Take a pen and draw big eyes.
Imagine babylike head of a deer.
Cuteness, big eyelashes, watery watery
puzzled eyes. Start with kind strokes with the pen like you were petting the head with your hand. Draw outlines and hair bit by bit, slowly. What kind of ears do bambis’ (bombs) have?
Kind of delicate but large.

I wanna be a model and be seen by many. I wanna be discovered, I wanna be found, I wanna be rich.

I wanna be a model and be seen by many. I wanna be discovered, I wanna be found, I wanna be rich.

Hi, my name is, hi my name is, Hi, my name is, I would really like to be a model, I would really like to be a model, I would really like to be a model, a high fashion model, a high fashion model. I am sixteen years of age, I am fifteen, I am eighteen years of age. I come from Russia, I come from Latvia, I come from Poland. I have long blond hair and blue eyes, I weight fifty kilos and am 175 centimeters tall. I can walk and look the look. I love high heels and miniskirts and I turn the heads on the street when I walk. I have been told I could be a model, because I am beautiful and slank. That is what you want, isn’t it. Here is my picture. I also have a portfolio of poses taken by a professional photographer. To be in a magazine on front page is my dream and to be admired. True woman is feminine and takes care of her femininity.

Despair? What despair?

Performance two

There is a jar, a large glass jar half full of water on the table.
There is a group of people around the table and then there is you. Group of people standing by the table. The person in charge takes the jar, goes to an open window and pours the water out the window in silence.
Glass jar is returned to the table and given to one of those people standing by the table, then this person shouts or screams in to the jar in one’s own way.
Performance is finished when everyone has passed on the jar,
till everyone has screamed or shouted in the jar. No words, just noise.

Escaped surprise

Green the color, yellow the color, leaves the color, color that left. Or it is there to notify, some shade of bright to make us see an enterprise, initiative of particular. Endless topic of us of what color are we, what season, what ideology do we stand for, we do stand for, always for something and like. Necessity to like to feel enjoyment and standing. What color to like, what colorless question to let out and what plain answer to give, short answer, because one is entitled to answer to such question of basic personal favorite. What is your personal input in this? Could one ask why do you want to know? Such attitude is hostile, to question the question. Does the answer make one more soft, acceptable and friendly when you know person’s most liked shade, named, preferred, enjoyed the wave length of light hitting that wall of corrugated iron.