Why art is elitist?

This is the constant puzzle in art to me, why the bubble exists, what purpose does it serve? Excellence, success and glory that happen to small amount of people to keep standard high and the excellence paraded is known by small amount of people, experts and authorities of art, people with good taste? Part of the problem are the authorities and hierarchies which keep the walls up very tightly as they always have been thinking it is the excellence itself and they have found success, a peak of something good and solid. Do small circles make elitism? Don’t such small entities end up dead? Isn’t that what is hard to understand in elitism: why does not elitism open up and invite in? What there is to lose? Elitism is afraid of change and looking in to a mirror. It is much safer to stay closed up. What new gets made, I wonder. Why the excellence, success and glory ring a bit empty and old? People around and within art as it seems to have made it so that art has parted from reality of most people. There are people who can afford it and those who cannot or are not able to think of art as they have to survive and simply are not interested as it is so distant and unreachable. It is not for us. Part of elitism are luxury, showing off wealth, suspicion, hunger for success, wanting to take advantage of people, which all can have quite negative impact on the art scene, art displayed, people working within the arts, the whole culture of producing art which to me is weirdly enough not welcoming nor encouraging. What elitism does to art and why art is elitist is still a bit of a mystery to me, because that is not why I started to study art.

Elitism is paranoia, inequality, discrimination and desire to build a wall in between us and them just because of the idea of being better than, like those who wish to stay clean would have something to be afraid, death and poverty, shame and losing face? They already are dirty and in dirt up their necks when building the wall begun. Elitism is isolation and keeping distance from those who do not connect with the elitist way of living and thinking. It is party of the privileged. One knows when one is surrounded by elitism. Things are not said aloud, people have their acts ready and theater running which keep the props up and things unchanged. That is what is wrong with art, to repair such an idiotic situation seems somewhat impossible. So why is art elitist? It is to preserve privilege, high prices and serve interests of the well-off.

Gossip is a tale of such elitism which lurks everywhere in the meaning to shut out.