To comprehend amount and body of freedom, the concept for modern.

I guess freedom is easiest to understand on personal level and ask oneself how free one feels one is? We may be freer than we think. We are often imprisoned by our cultural ties and mostly bound to ground and place. Body can feel like a prison, the idea of body which is not yours when it is ruled by someone else’s mind and laws, when it is not what it should be. Life can feel it is not yours. You may not be what society expects you to be. What then? Shall we become what we are expected to be and to what extend? Fact is we will never have enough, we will never be satisfied, we will always be lacking. How to live with that, and how to know what is enough of freedom? Then there are limits to thinking what is possible, what can be done, what should be done, what someone can do, what is failure and what is success. To understand how massive the sea of possibilities truly is may be impossible because we are limited.

What is the amount of free space to think and do with in one’s life? Who and what dictates one’s life and up to what point? How much one has to say in what happens in one’s life, what one can do, where one can go, with whom etc.? What is free art for example? Is it free of form, free of authorities and opinions, free of censoring and silencing, free of institutional boundaries and corruption, free of set limits what is art and what is not, free of judging who is and can be an artist?

Body of contempt

Patterns and ideas of how feminine is let to reveal and live itself can be and are hugely regulated and calculated, and seen as the self-evident part of modern society. Body is weak and needs to be fed. Women are weak therefore they must be taught to obtain strength via obedience and observing their behavior closely. Strength via the feminine role of fragile, acceptance of one’s fragility and humble place of evil weak sex as written and eternal truth. We are compelled to control bodies with looks, with upbringing, with clothes, with comparison, with contempt and degrading. Patterns of making it to be successful within rules of the game in which we are meat and food for those who are hungry is a weird masochistic necessity. Feminine is as is the act of sex and idea of gender manipulated as too dangerous to be anything else than the few good things they are for. Made for, designed for. Too wild for them to be as they might become to be, dangerous for such obscene to be let loose, too dangerous to acknowledge aloud.
Damaging sexuality, sexuality as damaged is as a rotten idea.  A rotten view into humanity and the angles in use now are prohibiting us to be as we are. For sexuality to be manifested as the most important part of humanity is precarious and laughable, shameful and hideous. Knowing the danger is acknowledging the importance. Exploitation of body, especially young attractive body is seen as a right as we do it via images. How do we know exploitation from everyday usage. Can they be separated. Isn’t accepted exploitation everyday practice. There are degrees of severe and we are beyond severe to understand where the limits go. There are degrees of right and wrong, which we must know and act upon. To give body to be exploited is seen as a heroic act, and that there will always be a new body to replace that worn out one is to show and use the constant hunger and demand. Delivery and supply exist because hunger exists. As a circle of inevitable, that there is nothing we can do about it, because there is a continuous desire, misery and lust for body, which cannot be helped. An eye that wants to watch.