Male logic? a woman= a human being= a person with thoughts and feelings. I wish.

How do you explain the concept of good manners to someone who does not understand good manners way you do? Animals have more understanding of manners and kindness than people. There are many kinds of good manners for people obviously and the manners women are supposed to accept as nice are often not those. There are different manners for men and women. Women are more to be subjects, subservient under rule self-evidently. The unwritten behavioral code is a straitjacket where women do not speak or only about things that are appropriate, act feminine, they are supposed to be afraid (girls are taught to be afraid) and they are, they are not supposed to object or disagree, show anger, to differ from mainstream of what is considered feminine. Punishment is immediate for women who disobey. I myself have been seen difficult because I have shown my anger and disagreement quite loudly. Woman’s anger is either laughable or contemptible. There is something wrong with her not in the surroundings. One more reason to like myself and any woman who is loud. Be able to verbally and vocally tell one’s thoughts is a sign of respect and show of will to want to change things. I respect myself therefore I say what I have in mind when something needs to be said and you have respect when you listen and vise versa. Although silence can do the same. Difficulty of communication of what, when, why, to whom etc.

That there is a complete misunderstanding of what is polite and how to apply politeness into real world of very different people and ways to see the world is a puzzling dilemma that seems impossible to solve. What people want and how they want/take what they want, especially of and from other people is at the heart of this problem between us. Problem in the world is the constant desire of people and how to fulfill needs of people. We live to desire. What are we entitled to have and what is ours without needing to justify it? There can be the obvious possessions that belong to every people: human rights, dignity, freedom of speech, right to privacy for example.

It is the most bizarre idea that something clearly threatening which can repeat over and over in the period of decades in someone’s life could in any way be polite like street harassment (of course, how could anyone know what has happened to anybody previously. Oh how indeed.) but still there are people who find attacking on a street and stalking on the internet flirtatious and almost a right of theirs to move on and with, to get on top of that at the time interesting ‘thing’ who they target. The idea that someone beautiful is there to be used and exists for that reason only, exists for someone not for herself, not as a person who has the same human rights but as a thing, empty like there isn’t still much there because she is a thing. Incapability to understand and take into consideration what other person can feel and think is amazingly alive, insensibility, indifference and lack of respect for women as people continue as ever, as women were cattle. The polite user of an object (alive) can look at it from all angles and when he is done, what then? Can move ahead as his politeness has made an impression on the object found and has been awarded by this courtesy, object is checked and done with. Quite an exploration into human psyche when a scratch on surface will do to make conclusions on damaged goods. Target has shown gratitude for the attention that she for being so beautiful seeks.

This is an interesting topic for me to investigate as it is a wheel of fortune or wheel of destiny, unstoppable and extremely cruel. How woman is perceived because of her gender she is born in, her appearance and what to look like and why, anything she does and says and why she does what she does are to follow orders. Why she is what is? And why those questions mark her or more over do the answers do the marking, stigmatizing, as answers are set.

“Women’s rights advocates like her see a continuum between the deadly violence and supposedly harmless everyday sexism. It’s true that Argentine men feel entitled to deliver a public “piropo” — literally, a compliment; in practice, any lewd comment or wolf whistle — to any woman of their choosing. What may once have been a tradition of poetic gallantry has degenerated into crude catcalling and aggressive repositioning. Such routine street harassment is widely regarded as socially acceptable, a masculine right even.” Ms. Tuñez’s nonprofit organization, which provides shelter for 200 victims of abuse every month, is the only source for figures on femicide in Argentina. According to its count, more than 1,800 women were victims of femicidal violence between 2008 and 2014. That works out to one woman killed at least every 36 hours.” “The resources spent on women in South Asia are shared more unevenly than in most places. Among the richest quintile in Delhi (it is a similar story in Dhaka and elsewhere), women can enjoy maternal and other care close to first-world standards. By contrast the poorest quintile in the same cities, especially in slums, endure conditions as bad—or worse—than in far poorer villages:”