Hi little darlings. How has your day been? You do not like my straight forwardness is fine by me. You possibly deserve it.

I just thought I’d remind you about what is rude. Alright? allfuckingright.

You know people who do not see themselves, or even if they do they think they are on the right and nothing can nor should harm them nor their world. Well as it happens there are quite a lot of those people who need a reality check, that is when the so-called rudeness steps in. It is the punch in  the face, kick in the stomach, knocking down in a way it hurts. Hurt is there to make one think, to stop that ongoing fuckery and bs that seem to have no end. So when I am rude it is because there is a good reason, not because I just am an asshole, but I can be a motherfucker if that is what you like. When you are a grown up it is time to be one.

Here are things that make my boiler explode and the after effects do not matter in that point: Talking behind my back. I hear about this I do not give a shit about your life at that point.
to abuse my kind heart, ideas, work etc. abuse me as a person. My kind heart seizes to exist.
To stalk me and cause harm of any kind.
To be interested only in your welfare, your career, your life, only about your benefit. You are not but shit if this is the case.
To talk about your personal stuff only.
Not be curious about that other person at all or her emotions.
Any lack of kindness.
Lying I cannot stand. It is very rare to meet a person who is sincere.

There are good reasons for being rude, and no I am not licking your fat ass nor sucking your cock to have a job.