Difficulty of giving living wages for cleaners.

It is a global issue how underpaid and undervalued people who do cleaning work are. It is heavy and often times hazardous work working with toxic mediums and dirt, tolerating bullying and arrogance, sheer contempt for people who do low rated work, who haven’t made it up in the world which is a very bizarre outlook and place to be, to make it up to office. It is clear there are serious problems in how people who do jobs that do not seem to require training, intellect or college degrees are treated, contempt would not be more evident. There is strict policy of ordering, telling without much bargaining or saying against, otherwise one may lose one’s job and there are always people who will replace those who say what should be correct way for supervisors to do concerning employees. It is sad that there are people who continue to work even though employer does not treat workers correctly, does not pay adequate living wage, does not pay holiday pay nor sick leave. It is difficult if one is on one’s own dealing with these demanding issues that when addressed might cause losing one’s job. Threat that is always there is telling that things are not right. We do live in a way that work is essential, a measure of one’s worth, and to be unemployed is something we don’t want to experience, but without raising these questions in front with examples nothing will ever change or it will get worse. When life is depended on that job threat truly is visible and real.
http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/oct/19/five-cleaners-tell-their-storiesThey look at us as if we’re nothing. When they were refurbishing the building, the FCO was throwing out a nice sofa. I asked the porter if he could leave it to me for my home. My bosses became really angry and said I couldn’t take it because it belonged to the FCO, even though others usually pick up unwanted things or they are given to charity. The next day they destroyed the sofa. That upset me.””