Hidden and exposed, used, abused, untouched, labelled, stigmatized, brutalized, cut, vandalized, intolerated, unspoken, banned, difficult to look at without feeling something, strange, natural, beautiful, joyful excitement, shame. So what to think about this? Of all of the organic pleasure of life, things we have and like to play with. Watching, listening, smelling.

A matter of urgency and emergency, sexuality and whose property it is, because that’s what sexuality is, a belonging, a thing between your legs and in your brain and what you do with them. How to describe the extent of exposure of sex and the meaning of sex in this age, this time of endless ads, sellable sex appeal surfaces? Where to begin with it all? Am I angry or is there any reason to be angry about the way world is, anything wrong with this picture which is made constant news. Something happens, but what? There is always someone to blame, someone got hurt and something to want. The blame is something that is always present when talking about desires and prohibitions. Can we look at sex without feeling guilty and where does the limit go. What are we looking at?
What are we guilty of  and should we be? Guilty of wanting, spending, greed, anger, judgment and excitement. Wanting to be wanted and loved.
The blame that is placed upon women and girls, the bans of what not to do. How to be a girl. They are the evil as they are the ones who possess evil, beauty, sexuality, demonic forces by nature and they have to hide it. Nature of women is in being raped and stay accused of being raped is called justified. The weakness is in being penetrated and violated and not being able to do anything about it. Women cannot do anything about it and it is their fault.