Illusion of superiority, to live an illusion

We like to sink in illusion, believe in it as it is the perfected truth, another kind of reality. Illusion is so beautiful and it can be bought. Illusion makes one beautiful in the illusion and for those others who live the same image. Out of many reasons we like to remain in the state of oblivion. Laziness of mind, ease of it, of not paying attention, making an effort, not knowing that illusion is an illusion, not wanting to know, unwillingness to believe there is something wrong, that something else would be better and truer. Sink in imagined perfection that is fed for us via images as someone kind, perfect and gentle is telling us how and why this is what we should want, this is what everybody should be like, an idea of ourselves, and what we are supposed to be, where we are supposed to be. What we are is born out of comparison. Not making a distinction between illusion, because that is dangerous. I do not exist without that other, without dreaming. I have to belong with others to exist as human and be with a group of similar kinds with the same illusion.

Idea of a person, of me, you, persons that are born out of spoken words, adults, adulthood, proper and improper images, advertising, movies, liking, disliking and mutual understanding of what superiority is, what is good, what is perfection, what is there to achieve for us as sexes, origins, places and individuals as a group. What we are supposed to be is a collective understanding, a result of collective comprehension and we must understand and discard anything that breaks, anything that disturbs, anything that we cannot understand. Because we are unable to repair. We are scared of that moment of being broken inside, being separated. Of having to face that person who is needy and weak. Who says things that you do not want to hear, you say you do not understand. That person is crazy, that person is anything you are not.

So what is the illusion here, one might ask. What is the superior and seemingly perfect should be always questioned. We compare, but we do not necessarily use the information found via comparison to evolve, but we use it to compete and win in jealous gaming and to make division building barriers, not connections.


The essence of evil

You don’t have to be a monster or a madman to dehumanise others. You just have to be an ordinary human being

To appreciate how effortlessly we bisect the world into outward appearance and inner reality, one need only consider cinematic portrayals of vampires. Under most circumstances, vampires are indistinguishable from genuine human beings. You might strike up a conversation with one in a bar without having any suspicions at all, until the moment she sinks her fangs into your throat. ”