Interesting case of female action heroes.

And that there are many, most of them though are styled to follow idealized female heroine of cartoons with large breasts, revealing outfits, high heels, long hair, standard western beauty characteristics for a perfect active woman under forty. Something which perhaps the fitness culture of today and competitions in bodily beauty have had advantage of. Muscles still equal to strength, health, certain kind of attitude towards life and how people should look like, obsession over bodily perfection and gaining such perfection with hard work out tell something and stand for a way of life.

As I recall character of Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) and her transformation into muscular fighter, maker of her own destiny, world’s destiny and dissident who was right all a long, was the first one to make the fashion of muscles acceptable for women. This was in the beginning of the 90′. Celebrities began to work out to get the same biceps and bodily tone as Sarah Connor. Movie Terminator 2 was a huge hit and it made an impression on me as well. Not with sense of fashion but as I have mentioned earlier because of the woman character who is determined and destined to do her all to save the world.

Influence of movies is not to be undervalued. The movie stands in my record one of those worth digging into. A cyborg who was sent by John Connor from the future to save John Connor in the present becomes a father figure to fatherless child. As Sarah Connor thinks to herself how a cyborg is in an insane world a sanest choice for a child.
She does not see herself a hero. What does she feel of herself can be irrelevant because she does not look in the mirror nor weigh her inner emotions. Bleeding wounds do not stop her from accomplishing her mission and she is ready to die for it. Only thing that is sane and doable is the mission, to stop the inevitable destruction. Same kind of features apply to Ellen Ripley in Alien series. She takes lead as others fail to do so. She is a decision maker and she knows what to do. She is an expert without need to please nor be given a prize for her excellence. To survive she has got what it takes. She is omnipotent and her gender does not make her weak. Gender does not play the major role as it is not emphasized by camera angles, clothes or flirtation. She just is what she does, a person who is good at what she does, knowing good and right and what to fight against even if it means doing it on her own.