Ways of Doing things – When insanity and stupidity are not any different from normal. (and they do not see it.)

Ways of the big world are unfamiliar here. We need to get familiar with them to make it, to survive in this hard world, hard (silicon, flint, granite, diamond). And Guggenheim is going to do that to us. Good for us. What goodness is going to come of all of this for Finland, because that is our agenda. Right! I almost believe you.
Ways of the big world was said by a journalist in a Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat that such ways are unfamiliar here in Finland that is why there was large opposition against the project. We are unaware. Guggenheim obviously is breath of fresh air and interesting novelty brought into our small faraway coldness and anti-progress. Something grand and spectacular for us to wonder. It was said when Guggenheim ‘discussion’ was hottest, ways of the big world, also antisemitism popped out… during the discussion. Ways of the big world of which we here are parted from, we hill billies, ignorant idiots. We do not belong to it, the big world, because we are distant in the middle of nowhere elves doing our weird thing, desperate, naive  in our information gap, in our unawareness and small and. Oh how much we do not know because we are here behind a wall, a barrier of distance and oddness of ours. 

Cheers! Big big big bigger some really are unaware the vastness of it.

Tilaa uudet trendit. Ilmainen toimitus ja palautus. luuliksä et me tehtäis museo ihan tosta noin vaan.