Flag of sorrow. Naive art/ primitive art, childlike, instant painting is fun and an approach to hunter images.

acrylic on hardboard, 2021

Flag of sorrow

Trust equals love. Since there is no trust, love does not exist. Is it really so? Now I’m a bit scared. We live in a fascist world, you better believe it. How disgusting is that. At this point I lose my strength and fall down. I can’t believe it. I have thought love is life, living, believing, exactly believing, having faith. What if everything you believed in failed you?

But it is impossible to live without trust. To be able to trust that the food I eat is safe. So, far I have survived. 

So, are you saying that the laws for example to maintain the quality of food are made out of love? Community is to protect. Protecting is love. Simply put and said. So, I have rights as a citizen of Finland and EU and as a human being not to live like a hunted animal. A hunted animal, very funny. What if people had a collective weeping. No! But I thought it would give us some relief in these times of sadness and debt. It would be a sight everybody weeping on the street, sharing their grief, to let sadness out, lovelessness, hurt, pain, shame, hate, anger, all negativity. Do you think it would end up in laughter? Yes. Crying is pretty ridiculous. You are such an idealist. That’s why you’ll end up against the wall and be shot.

How naive are we?

If we think as naivety our way of jumping to conclusions as if we possessed ultimate knowledge and right to judge and sticking to first impressions without hesitation, then the answer is we are way too often most incredibly naive but thinking we are not. Sometimes almost child-like, but not quite. Size is all that matters. We just don’t think it is naivety, because adults are not naive. Adults are bigger. There are distinctions and characteristics we fail to see in ourselves and size does fool you. We like to make it clear that between adults and children distinction is obvious and huge. Still children do tend to learn from their mistakes because there is no other way than to learn and evolve as they grow to become adults. It is the dream and thought of everybody: what will you be when you grow up, become legally an adult, a responsible citizen with rights and duties, capable and bigger than the child you are. Something different may happen, something else, but what?
How do we end up becoming adults that learn away from being children but behaving as there would not have been much learning after all. We take liberty of being children even though childhood as it is is not much valued. We are in a hurry to get rid of it, to grow out of it, to leave it behind like a shell. Child’s mind is less than an adult’s mind, child’s deed are childish. We know what is wrong behavior, mostly, but we often do it anyway. We continue to do the wrong deeds for several reasons, make excuses, reason and justify them just because. We make war because it is somehow a valid way of making politics, deal with those others and so on, but it is wrong as killing is wrong. We like to think our way of living is the right way even though we know we make mistakes living the way we do.
How naive is an adult who has learned not to understand what a child needs and is? At what point does it happen that we disregard childhood as unimportant and stupid and why? We like to appreciate our independence, control, ideas, thoughts, honor, privacy, our grandiose adulthood in which we are masters of our lives or should be. Child is dependent and not in charge, at least that is how it should be. Some people are totally incapable of facing children, facing the child in them, because that child never leaves you. You are the child you were. Still people do not have a faintest idea what to do and speak with a child. We need consultants and advisers in how to bring up a child. I would say we live in denial and fear, sometimes so unaware of what is going on that it is somewhat puzzling to look at. At what point did life become so difficult?  One answer is that it has always been difficult and children unimportant waiting to become adults.