when you have friends like that you do not need enemies ( the middle (what is in between?)) in a system of closed systems acting up ahaha i don’t think I’m up for it. How open can one be and what is acceptable.

keskiluokan konstailemattomuus ja avoimuus: pahimman luokan vitsi ahahahahahah op punishmentsWeird that being colorful is wrong. ahahahahahah i guess it depends on colour. what it? all

Abolishing blind spot, which is the place in the eye one cannot see with. How do you abolish blind spot the metaphor? But it is useful. So don’t. When it could be your whole world, or half of it or it is the most important thing you could have but you fail to see and acknowledge it? Blindness?  Abolishing skin, sex, gender, age, appearance, what things there are to demolish in humans and their behavior? Why must things unwanted be demolished and how? How do you become to value something? How do you find value of your own? To learn to value life in its multitude.

Woman’s work is never done! That’s the way it is.

Banality is the aim and means, the relief of life in life and from it. Mediocrity analyzed to the bits or looking like it is, analyzed. Maybe what we see is a result of deep analyzes leaving the results and effects to our minds outside of it, of the analysis that is the basis of doing, as everything is sharply calculated and executed. Mind is the most important thing only as a creating master mind, but what is the mind of the receiver there for. Mind of the receiver is passive, passer-by, powerless acceptor. Would it be in general, average statistics put in real life, and we are settling to what comes easily, just like that. Statistics can be quite curvy, far from banal, so it is weird the equation of what is actually being made is based on statistics and consultant evaluations.
A person who does the statistics worth while to foresee things affordable to do is like the librarian, quiet grey and boring office mouse (engineer, official) or is he/she the hero, an expert, a specialist, since that person is showing a piece of truth of some kind and giving advisory graph? Contrasts in this picture are amusing and likable, stereotypes. Building stereotypes, unfading. Someone exploring life from the far and making it a diagram, so we all can see what is going on in here, really. It is also interesting how such people called mice are looked at. How their lives are less, because they stay still, sit still, enjoy the still and the noise is far away to be examined. The grey people. People of colour unite. I’m trying to build a house that looks like people.

Nightgown on the floor, 2008, watercolour on paper