Art as political action: who is watching? Life as political action.

What does it mean to be an activist? It is actively force society to think itself again and again. What does it mean to be an artist and an activist; is there a difference and what can be the result?
Video of a panel discussion on net art, how art scene is a monitor itself that does not have access, does not grant access, does not allow flaws or understand meaning of flaws in doing art (this is my view, how academic and bourgeois point of view blocks away innovation and creativity by wanting to define all under titles, authority and labels), what kind of language art has, is suppose to be, who can create, is a creator, who understands art and why there can be a kind of one way to understand.
Fear of missing out? Missing out of what? Left out of stream, active openness? What is open for us, from where we are out or in?
We can again ask who is an artist (it is the one who says so), who is recognized as an artist and an activist? The one who leaves a mark (visible or invisible, conscious or unconscious? Acknowledge or unacknowledged?) What do these labels, statuses, professions tell and where do they place us?
I see that social media challenges all of what has been seen and monotonously legitimized as art, who is seen an artist, what is art, art as a based continuation to art tradition and what the scene is and is seen as forming the inside and outside.