Precious things

Speed of change, speed of time, there is a time capsule in change, my time in every moment. I have no time. Waiting it to happen, saying, phrasing what it is one wants to change. Framing to tell we have no other alternative. It is settling and alarming at the same time, maybe an effort to find crystallised, a meaning and explanation of what happens, what might happen and why. Timing, what happens with timing, in time, in waiting, in lining up, in hurry, in speed which media and civilization bring to our lives. Speed of pictures, speed of events, speed of a runner, speed of a shutter, speed of changing clothes. Speeding, measuring, comparing, working, staying put.

Feminists have been treated as lunatics and criminals. Feminism as something that will pass. Those unattractive misfits, bald angry lesbians who hate men and behave like prostitutes. Those who fear say anything to put shame on dissidents. Women who don’t and did not fit nor accept the society’s mould of proper, place of woman, continuity of males as kings nor rules of hypocrisy have been self-evidently painted malaise, harmful, insane, ridiculous and difficult.

We are fundamentally biological beings dictated by hormones, chemistry, our biological functions and needs. The very foundation of Feminism is that we are equal. Our bodily differences have made it so we differ much from each other, but we bleed the same. Gender does not dictate intellect, abilities, character nor value. Feminism the ideology is to benefit all on grass root level. We are more or less feminine, we all have a mother, we all have a relationship to femininity. When women are well taken care of all society is likely to do the same, be and do well. When it is ok for a man to walk like a woman, talk like a woman and wear a dress without it being strange we have come closer to gender equality. Woman can define her femininity, her body, sexuality, decide for her life we are closer to justice and truth. Feminism is diminished down by many men and women as not needed and dead old-fashioned movement, laughable and unnecessary. If women are not able to have a say over how society should work, as is the case in many countries, then society is not working for all of its members. If women are laughed at because of their gender, if they have to be ashamed of their gender and sexuality, if they have to be afraid because they are women, it is a sorry world. If men have to be afraid of female qualities in them we live by macho dream not what is true. What is Feminism now is the first and acute question. Who can be and is a Feminist? What are the results of Feminism? They are all over and pretty fundamental. It is important in this issue at hand to decide whether to take a side or not, and which one since violent gender division exists and is held tightly upon us. Decisions on what to think, how to react, how to judge and whether to judge at all. Gender is by rule problematic, always current and touchy topic where assumptions and given orders apply like an ancient legislation. Society where anything differing from mainstream is an oddity that should be covered up, silenced and removed as indecent and infernal is not living the 21st century nor being on the nerve of things nor wanting equality at all.

Division, separation, segregation, mutilation, denial, hate, abundance.

It is a demand and fight for human rights to happen for women, children and men, for indigenous people and other beings who are persecuted because of their gender, ethnicity, background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, difference of any kind to defend those who cannot defend themselves. In this regard feminism is not a cause of women only ideology and movement. Women contribute much in welfare in all society starting from home and neighborhoods. Feminism is a necessity and vital opposition against tyranny of corporations and traditions which are creating illusions of perfection and what is right. Feminism is opposition to tyranny of man, tyranny of people as products, against objectification, against tyranny of color, size, ideologies, values, tyranny of finance and irrational decision-making. Women are and have been enslaved to the illusion of perfection, an image of manipulative created clone giving pleasure and finding security through being desirable. In addition to that women are caretakers, providers, producers of new people biologically, socially, culturally and traditionally. Educating girls to their roles as girls, future women, persons and people begin from very young age. We are manipulated to know what is our part. Somebody else knowing what is anybody’s place and meaning in this life is the root of inequality and injustice. A practice of likable personality is a kind of survivalist plan within patriarchical society. Practices of girliness, manhood and womanhood to set security, heterosexual practice of servitude, obedience and slavery. Woman is foremost a sexual being whose sexuality must be controlled and whose body is a possession and is either holy or cursed, disrespected and impure. Situation is such for millions and millions of women. Women who do not have a choice but to breed and feed and protect their honor which is also honor of man and family. There are tasks in society given to women on grounds of natural and on grounds of how things have been done before. How women should look like, what are feminine features and things to do. The whole gender issue should be addressed in technological language as women are much seen as objects and machines. Place of woman falls on her systematically and orderly without much questioning and without many wanting to change that pattern. This is how the factory functions, orderly producing brainwashed products. Case in many countries is that women have the part of reproduction and serving, which is fine if it is voluntarily chosen path in someone’s life. Why such control over women is still possible? How the kind of social factory has place anymore? Why woman needs to be put into a position of a dog and why women stay in that given place?


How to end extreme poverty and why it has not ended already?
How to end poverty of mind and emotion?
How to give compassion room?
When is collective love going to happen? Why is it an illusion? Why is it naive?
What could collective love, caring and sharing be globally and locally? How could compassion be taught and kindness be appreciated?

When facing death it is difficult to dare.

To seek social change in the means of art, feminism and pacifism is demanding task to take up. It is a battle and the opposition is bigoted patriarchal power of money and circles of buddies. One is persistent to find nonviolent methods and understand meaning of nonviolence, difference between hurt and unhurt, what kind of behavior is hurting and try to avoid it. It takes creativity and character to fight nonviolently and believe it is effective. To act violently is very direct and simple. It requires psychological tools to evaluate violent behavior in oneself and others. It requires self-criticism, self-reflection and will to change. To change is hard work and it expects one to know what is wrong. Violence verbally, mentally, socially, physically, environmentally, culturally happens as a rule and is very much a learned behavior pattern. It is an everyday practice and very much approved survival game which we play. We are ruled with mental violence and constant threat. Modern threats displayed for us daily in media like unemployment, poverty, terrorism and immigration. In media future is made to look like an unknown scary place to which we go scared and probably unprepared. With this way of living it will be a scary place, no doubt. How do we confront the other and what is the difficulty in confronting oneself? What is the social platform we can interact with, what is the game we do, make and like to call ours, what is the life worth living. What is the violent deed there is, is the assumption how people should live, image given by media, movies, cultural heritage and celebrity culture. Nonviolence means prohibiting physical and mental hurt, torture and bullying. How can I make active living revolution? Write about it explosively, radically making inspirational working mental riot?

Juna-asemalta löytynyt viesti! Nyky-yhteiskuntamme lahtarit eli valkoiset eli kuinka heitä kuvailisi. Lahtari on hiukan vanhahtava termi, toisaalta ajaa vielä asiaansa. Lahtaustyyli vaan on enempi piilossa mutta yhtä kylmä ja laskelmoiva. Vaikeammin osoitettavissa kuin 1900-luvun alun yhteiskunnassamme.

Nyky-Suomen suunta kenties vai jatkuuko riisto nostamalla hintoja, potkimalla köyhiä, syyllistämällä duunareita kun eivät kestä muutoksen kelkassa. Onko Suomi radikalisoitumassa? Syyllisten etsiminen on ikuisuusprojekti. Kuinka syylliseksi kukin itsensä tuntee tämän hetkisessä tilanteessa mitä tulee ympäristöasioihin, eläinten suojeluun, heikompien kohteluun ja talouslamaan ja kuka tilannetta seuraa. Kuinka perillä asioista ihmiset keskimäärin ovat ja tietoisia kuka maailmaa johtaa ja kuinka. On helppo syyttää näkymätöntä lahtaria ja pankkiiria kun minusta vaikuttaa siltä että lahtareita on joka kadun kulmalla. Kuka lahtaa ja ketä?

Excavator on a star looks lonely and abandoned


A horse called Flight was difficult to handle. The animal was sizable and white. Only one whom it let ride was a girl and I thought she was the bravest person I had ever met. I use to like to watch them work together in perfect harmony. The abused and hurt horse, beautiful and enraged, and the only one who could touch its white.