Division, separation, segregation, mutilation, denial, hate, abundance.

It is a demand and fight for human rights to happen for women, children and men, for indigenous people and other beings who are persecuted because of their gender, ethnicity, background, religion, sexual orientation, disability, difference of any kind to defend those who cannot defend themselves. In this regard feminism is not a cause of women only ideology and movement. Women contribute much in welfare in all society starting from home and neighborhoods. Feminism is a necessity and vital opposition against tyranny of corporations and traditions which are creating illusions of perfection and what is right. Feminism is opposition to tyranny of man, tyranny of people as products, against objectification, against tyranny of color, size, ideologies, values, tyranny of finance and irrational decision-making. Women are and have been enslaved to the illusion of perfection, an image of manipulative created clone giving pleasure and finding security through being desirable. In addition to that women are caretakers, providers, producers of new people biologically, socially, culturally and traditionally. Educating girls to their roles as girls, future women, persons and people begin from very young age. We are manipulated to know what is our part. Somebody else knowing what is anybody’s place and meaning in this life is the root of inequality and injustice. A practice of likable personality is a kind of survivalist plan within patriarchical society. Practices of girliness, manhood and womanhood to set security, heterosexual practice of servitude, obedience and slavery. Woman is foremost a sexual being whose sexuality must be controlled and whose body is a possession and is either holy or cursed, disrespected and impure. Situation is such for millions and millions of women. Women who do not have a choice but to breed and feed and protect their honor which is also honor of man and family. There are tasks in society given to women on grounds of natural and on grounds of how things have been done before. How women should look like, what are feminine features and things to do. The whole gender issue should be addressed in technological language as women are much seen as objects and machines. Place of woman falls on her systematically and orderly without much questioning and without many wanting to change that pattern. This is how the factory functions, orderly producing brainwashed products. Case in many countries is that women have the part of reproduction and serving, which is fine if it is voluntarily chosen path in someone’s life. Why such control over women is still possible? How the kind of social factory has place anymore? Why woman needs to be put into a position of a dog and why women stay in that given place?