After having watched several of her videos the experience was numbing.

If she was a boy.
To analyze music videos of this day, what kind of purpose they serve is clear and at the same time culture of music videos hold an irritating simplicity of necessity. I have been studying Beyoncé’s musical artistry and thinking how should I study them, her pieces of art. What to make out of this block other than what has been said before. Videos which do not represent originality nor does her style travel far from mainstream, but they are recognizable and style of hers is particular. That little bit pops out, but only a little bit popping out. She has her dance moves which label her and make her mark. She has her dancers as do many pop singers. They follow her in the back. Something old and something of her own, but not alone. Most she is familiar via her body which is well in front, in the middle. In focus are her curves. They seem to be the main subject and at core of femininity. Her body is praised and it is seen as emancipation and empowerment of womanhood to walk the way she walks. Self-consciously walking straight ahead. Movement is her weapon. A modern woman moves and is active. Her self-assurance is the one feature which makes her noticed and admired among women. She works in a field where women do not have curves other than plastic breasts and in fashion where lank body is a norm.
Yes she has things to say and she says them in music industry’s factory ways. Most powerful videos of hers are those where her sexual expression is not the main issue. Empowerment is a curious conscious choice. To empower oneself from being inferior one needs to build self-esteem and imagine a path for oneself on which one can stand and walk on with certain pride. Take that path without hesitation, it is yours, one’s own way. Which choice everyone must make on their own, which is empowerment via growth, knowledge of self via growing up.

Are music videos about growing up and growing with. Very little is emphasized on mental and emotional growth, which is ironical since the most music made deals with feelings and people’s emotional life.

How the Bey issue is addressed and how feminism is discussed. Do you think her power is in her thighs, is it in her voice, her beauty, her gender, her African-American heritage and in her dance.

Both through song and visuals, we see Beyoncé toasting up all sorts of caviar dreams and champagne wishes, including the following:”

Marketing plus PR equal success. Story solutions, coverage and narrative of divas and making the world a better place for themselves. Times of moral crisis: Explicit contents, sexuality for sale and how it adds up with feminism. What does feminism represent for a pop star and for the music industry?