Revolution: when does it become a joke?

It is euphoria, necessity, unity and despair combined. Revolution answers to the question that has been in the air, in people’s minds, waiting to be made happen. When will people be free of oppression, harassment, surveillance, ill rulers who wish to gather fortunes for themselves instead of taking care of their people. The question that needs answering is what will happen if people stop obeying, stop being afraid, start acting and doing as their gut tells them to do: refuse, reject, revolt and resist with all you have got till the change needed has happened. What will it take and need? Things must go terribly wrong and bad until such uprising happens. People had huge protests all over the world against wars in Afghanistan and Iraq without much effect. Politicians ignored public opinion completely. Such demonstrations are not obviously enough to do the needed change of mind and manners operations and decisions are put in action in politics and business.

Revolution the joke happens when as occurred in 2011-2012 Egypt uprising people started to gather at Tahrir Square until police and army asked them to leave. People left and after two months and after promises having failed and unkept people came back and again they were asked to leave. This happened over and over again until police and army took up violent measures to clear up the square. Muslim Brotherhood wanted to get involved with the revolution which began as a peaceful sit-in. Islamists saw a golden opportunity for gaining power and move on with their agenda in Egypt. What is the agenda of Islamists? It does not seem to be the democratic one as protesters mainly were after. Is Islamist way any different than the dictatorship’s way of ruling? Those who firstly started the movement in 2011 still want social and political reform in a country that has been ruled undemocratically for thirty years by Hosni Mubarak. Now since 2013 Egypt has been under military rule as people rioted against Muslim Brotherhood and their president Muhammed Mursi.

When people are ruled with violence, by constant threat, which stops people from being politically active and speaking their minds freely, it is a state of paralysis where anger piles up decades after decades. This is clear. Still it happens because big part of the world think people have to be ruled with violence. That fear of losing one’s life, which can be constant, is made a true fear, a true image of having power is to make people be scared. At the moment as I see it people are scared and they hang on to any method of survival they can find. Are we going to have a peaceful revolution when it happens again as a happening in a square as one hand? Definitely not. It probably is blasphemy to call this revolution a joke. Story of Egypt tells options for action are short when dissidents just vanish in thousands, protesters get killed and army can arm itself up to the teeth with help of the USA. But I am not laughing. It truly is a bad joke. The joke is how helpless people are, how easily led mass of people can follow fascism win. That’s the hilarious part in this joke. I’m cracking and laughing my ass off.