Corporeal signals, corporal punishments, missions in mincer.

Corporeal signals, corporal punishments, missions in mincer.

Corporeal signals, corporal punishments, missions in mincer
June 22nd, 2013 

It is rude. It is vividly bestial, ferocious, human. Checked the dictionary, cruel has many synonyms.
There are numerous ways of manifesting nuances, tones, bones, parts to play. 

Sacred terror like hiding as a game,
front sweet hereafter, door in your children, door to your children, it is open.
Of course you can see the holy untouchables, mountains they clime. Soft sugar and his name that sat on him was dead, 

hell followed him. Orange afterglow, how to, to know
stupid concepts of correctness, accuracy, just and just that
feel the hate creating a human god. 

Ekpyrosis. Beautiful word. 

Synonyms for clime from Merriam_Webster


(in this poem I have used the word clime as a verb and interestingly it is pronounced the same way as climb. Maybe it is ok, maybe it is weird, the better.)

I have a recommendation for hotels and restaurants: please ask help when you purchase art in to your enterprises. It will be worth your while.

To find quality is of course priority with suitable price. Fast food culture has had an impact on all of culture from constructing to interior design to creating public places for us all to enjoy. I have not found much enjoyable spaces lately in public places. How much should quality cost and how do we recognize quality is something worth digging into. There are merchants and con men as there are projects and opportunities trying to make the most profit as always. When making something worth while is all about making the best profit consequences will be somewhat and more or less foul. Money that goes down the drain is clearly wasted. When worth while goes in the meaning of fortunes being made the worth while is meant for few players who are in it for the money. When we talk about art and making it accessible to the people for many to enjoy art in every day, tourism is not the first priority. Tourists follow something that has proved to be valuable locally, benefiting ordinary people. Shipping something expensive ready-made as a tourist attraction is the effect glued on without wanting to see what there really is on the spot. When restaurants and hotels wish more tourists to visit and they think art will do to attracting please pay attention to what kind of art you will purchase in your facilities in which those tourists will spend time, eat their meals and sleep. There are paintings and photographs on walls of every hotel room, in every restaurant. When you wish to benefit from art and work of artists, it is good to consider how you do it.

Cheapness and posters rarely do any tricks in attracting anyone, nor do plastic flowers and photographs of misty mountains, but they are cheap as kitsch usually is.