What does it mean to be working class? It has meant things taken for granted and any variation to those things is still intolerable.

What kinds of characteristics class has is a story of people belonging to a class and what is outside of a class. Point being there is inside and outside of class between which communication is little, formal and suspicious. They think they know each other, they think they know all. Meaning of class awareness has meant different things for working class than for the middle class, who have been more content in quality of their lives, this is my conclusion. Working class wishes to imitate the middle class trying to match the quality of life for which they are entitled especially what comes to schooling, healthcare, day care etc. Middle class are those who feel their material needs are met, their offspring has chances in life to make something of themselves to follow needs of their own, or their families, all people belonging to this class have more chance of being content in their lives and see a brighter future, healthy and prosperous. There definitely has been a phenomenon//way of making things happen, that can be called looking after each other within a class, a solidarity between members of the same class, an awareness of similarity, knowing people and standing on the same level which connects and which form of communication can be difficult to attain when one comes from another class, higher or lower.

Reality of classes, conflicts, barriers and contempt between them which historical massive load is upon us, on us and within us is something inescapable. My class, which I was born to, has been a working class continuation in several generations. I come from very strong idea of work being the most important factor in life, an honorable thing and measure of worthiness. Schooling has not been seen as important although to me personally it was the most important thing. I lived to learn and still do. Therefore it is odd in my family that someone studies as much as I have (it has been possible) and hopefully I still will. Not to mention that one is an artist which is not work at all unless one is famous and makes money and it was said to me artists come from different class than I do, but that probably is not working class related thought. It is class and gender related issue that my capabilities are questioned over and over again. There has been strictly work for men and strictly work for women, strictly work for those others who come from different background. It is as if I am escaping something I cannot escape even though I do not escape I create. I don’t continue in a circle which to me is a dead-end.

Reality of struggle, old-fashioned thinking of the working class is very much build in me as background, fear, suspicion, disbelief and guilt, root and as a political view to life. Politics has always been an issue and everybody has had an opinion, not sure if the case is so anymore. Indifference seems to be the case. Basic idea for working class is to find a job, get married and have children. It is the traditional way in which nothing much changes but the society around to which we must adapt. That is also the breaking point of working class: difficulty to adapt to new thinking, difficulty to absorb new ideas, people and thinking, difficulty to see bigger picture, difficulty to adapt that their children do not want the same anymore, that their children are not extensions to their parents and do not continue something that was but make history of their own. Maybe it is something all classes share and that is why they are classes, divided and separate. Thoughts of worthlessness or superiority are often passed on and they drag us down.

One part and problem of working class is and has been low self-esteem of which scare, doubt and refusal to accept new tell. Fear to be active part of change, create movements and become change via education, open-mindedness and being curious. There is curiosity within working class but there is also inability to look further and beyond oneself, inability to think oneself as something else. Panic over losing one’s job and not being able to think alternatives for oneself is one example of being fixed into position given and not believing in oneself, not being able to think oneself as capable for many things but stuck without possibilities. Working class has been put down this way and they put themselves down. They who have power have made people think they should be scared and continue history of fear. Work is basic building brick of working class. Those who are scared for losing their position and wealth want people who do not believe in their possibilities, do not rebel, do not try to find alternative choices for themselves and don’t jeopardize power of those who stand on higher ladder. Now maybe even more as work is scarce and hard to find threats play an important role. One detail is striking, how long it takes for working class to rebel, rebel for what cause should be a question and they should find an answer (rebel not for themselves only), understand that they are the key in changing anything in the end. It is probably easy to continue the same work, the same daily routines, watch the same TV-shows, see the same people and read the same news papers. How to survive the shock when people lose these familiar things in their lives? When it is not possible to drive to work, when there is no work to go to, when we have to change what we eat, what we do, think, what we wear and what we talk about, not because we cannot personally afford but because ecologically our life style is unsustainable and wrong? Working class macho life style usually looks down on anything that hints to hugging trees and saving the environment. Gays and artists are the worst and to them there is a distance kept which works as a safety zone. Reluctance to understand and take part could not be more clear. To say we don’t understand also means we don’t even want to try. Time of no TV, no malls as we are used to having and no private cars maybe?

Does the UK really need ‘wealth creators’ and ‘hardworking people’?

https://peopleandnature.wordpress.com/2015/06/14/towards-a-real-fusion-of-socialism-and-ecology/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blogFrom its side, since its fundamental critique is technical (we have a better science, ecology), not political, the green movement has failed to engage the working class at all. Both sides sit entrenched in their own theories and snipe at each other.”