Infantile culture that does not wish to grow up because it insists on being on the right even when it constantly stands on the wrong.

It is a culture which adores youthfulness and narrow beauty standards and wishes everyone to follow and want the same, believe the same lie of what is beautiful and what is worth while to pursue and reach for, worth while to dream about. All the people who want to represent the same image of clean perfection with piles of  money is a weird world of brainwash, manipulation and greed, idea that you do not have any other alternative than to fit in, that any other kind of success is not possible because it would not be success. It is a monoculture even though it is said to have been a melting pot without having melted much in, not inhaling but holding breath. Culture that uses surveillance as God is on its side putting oneself on the position of God because it has the right, it is on the right. This culture has clear fascist ideals which it does not admit to be fascist because fascism for them equals Nazism and that is long gone. Fascist ideals which it implements freely without having to deal with the reality of its ideology because it denies every allegation and wrong doing or that there might be anything wrong. Fascism and imperialism which ideologies it also spreads around the globe as good and hugely profitable and therefore accepted. Those who speak against are against all of them, unlikable, rude and terrorists who get propaganda kind of accusations and will be painted malaise. It is not good to be against something that is good, right? Culture of instant gratification, satisfaction that one will want more of because you are worth it. What one is worth in a culture like this is as much as one has wealth nothing more.

Here comes the joke:’s “Late Show” program on CBS. They were originally intended as a parody of Good Housekeeping magazine’s “Most Admired Men” list.

The topic of the first list was the inauspicious “Top Ten Words That Almost Rhyme With ‘Peas.'”

Yes I love Seinfeld.