Guy revolution: Cheers mate!

How did you do it? Do you know people who feel just the way you do? Yeah, I know what you mean. Guy revolution on the net, you are such a hero. You have the means, the connections, the equipment. Gosh your English is so impeccable. Please tell me more. Take credit for what you do, you are such a social warrior. Yeah, trophies are given afterwards here. What a cool guy. Why not contribute to the common good. Put yourself at risk, but hey be careful these guys really are tough. You bond so well together. You can do it. Be aware of these guys they really mean business. It is weird what really changes in a guy revolution?

Dictators and liberators, impossible equation

Problem with political revolutions is that there tends to be parties who want to take credit for making the revolution, starting it, starring in it as it was a movie. As revolution was and is a grande stage to become a hero of the nation, also a necessity. It is an opportunity for a real opportunist. One needs to be able to take sides and stand for a cause. Weak nation has citizens who do not know what to do and how to make things better. There aren’t any options left to make a change happen. People can wait for the best person to come and salvage them, the people who have nothing left. When there is not anything to save but one’s life people flee as is happening right now, people flee to the nearest peaceful place which is Europe.
Best option for a dictator is to pose as a savior who will bring prosperity and freedom. We look for heroes and we like to hear good things promised. We too wish to become admired as having committed heroic acts in the name of the people. Personality cults get way over the top very easily. This is the pattern that has repeated in numerous occasions. It is old-fashioned and worn out strategy to place huge posters of a ruler all over the country, all over media, usually a male ruler who needs to be adored as a father figure. There is something about that ritual of having larger than life images of politicians in public places as guardians with promises on their faces, like member of a family. It is in the way those politicians want to display themselves as comforting and trustworthy elders who are wise and knowledgeable, chosen ones, so there is no need to replace them.
Young people usually first take the stand in rioting and demonstrations as was the case in Egypt’s uprising and they will be given the place of role players who stand on the side, not as decision-makers in a political game that knows only ruthlessness and violence, not equality, fairness or democracy. Kill or you will be killed is the language of a coup, a survival game. When we need liberators, we think there is someone who has the power to set us free.
Who will liberate the World from arm dealers and from their endless need to supply countries with arms, supply organizations with arms. How do ordinary people fight against modern weapon industry which is not as regulated as it should be? There is something really horribly wrong in this equation, in this repetitious scheme with trillions of dollars involved. It seems to be a matter of getting rich or die trying. Distribution of wealth, of money which banks make more and more, does not happen even there is more money in the world. How to fight for what is right when it seems the fight is a tiny buzzing in dictator’s ear? Could that ear be the soft spot, weakness of a mind that does not want to hear criticism, disagreement, demands for equality and freedom of speech? The more there are those who dare to buzz tirelessly the more alarm and anxiety there will be. Status Quo needs to be shaken because it is a false balance. It is balance of military force in which we now measure how balanced we are and where we stand.

What defines happiness which is presumably our goal – to be happy, carefree and enthusiastic? Is it the emotional side to which we are stuck? Our emotions guide us. Happy people do not need to find anything since they are in perfect state. [Hey! Are you floating?] Or happiness is the state when one is most eager to go searching. Is it an emotional moment to be fulfilled with little. Less can be more than most of us understand. Don’t stuff happiness with too much cream. To learn to understand momentary body of happiness is essential in finding happiness. But what is little then, what is enough, adequate, sufficient? How much of happiness is given and which part we create ourselves?

What is class anymore other than heritage and a memory. Epoch description in movies and stories. How things have been done, how things will be done by imagined standards. Making money, making a living. Middle-class is very distant to me. For me when I was a kid middle-class marriages never ended to divorce and they had happy family life. So I was a bystander, a spectator visiting lovely homes of my friends. Even though I’m now studying at the university which is one way to middle-class jobs, I do not feel middle-class calling me or that I would want to be part of it. It just is not me nor are institutions that hold class-identity dear.

Competition, winning and what those have got to do with alienation. Is the society emphasizing too much on individual success and to cope on your own.
Why there is alienation? Are we too well taken care of that some of us don’t feel the need to reach out for anything anymore? And is it more common than ever to be alienated? The whole phenomenon of social alienation is linked to concept of normal. Normal behavior, mass of everything, how things look and what we are supposed to be and do with our lives. Person who is alienated in society’s eyes may not feel alienation as a bad thing or harmful. Alienation can be a refuge. Safe haven for a misfit. Some of it is true many people do not know what do. There are too many decisions to make, too much expectations for life. What to be, where to be. If you cannot decide or don’t know or don’t want any of it, you want none of it, you want nothing but to be left alone, in peace. Society has constant demand on us, we must demand much of ourselves. It is good to some point. When can we breath and take a break?

There is a certain apathy and indifference there socially, lack of interest from which alienation springs out. It is a very strange phrase to hear from a fifteen-year-old that he/she does not want to do anything, go anywhere etc. Alienation can mean many things and it is a problematic situation where many things have a dead-end hopelessness.  One does not have a job, intern job, school to go to, friends to be with, hobby to activate and it feels there is nothing for that person. It is a complicated and complete passive state that a living person can have which is a sort of death. To me it partly sounds like spoiled people living on the expense of others, spoiled ones are not able to activate themselves, decide for themselves. It is something they have not learned to do, to think outside the box. They are not able to use brain of their own to invent a plan for them, invent new ways of being and doing. To be an alien in your own country sounds like someone who has committed a crime. They are committing crime against themselves most.

and what is normal. What is good life? Difference between revolution and evolution? Time space within, timeline, speed of time, to measure time, how is it spent, to spend time, spend it, time is not passing WHO