How to end extreme poverty and why it has not ended already?
How to end poverty of mind and emotion?
How to give compassion room?
When is collective love going to happen? Why is it an illusion? Why is it naive?
What could collective love, caring and sharing be globally and locally? How could compassion be taught and kindness be appreciated?

When facing death it is difficult to dare.

To seek social change in the means of art, feminism and pacifism is demanding task to take up. It is a battle and the opposition is bigoted patriarchal power of money and circles of buddies. One is persistent to find nonviolent methods and understand meaning of nonviolence, difference between hurt and unhurt, what kind of behavior is hurting and try to avoid it. It takes creativity and character to fight nonviolently and believe it is effective. To act violently is very direct and simple. It requires psychological tools to evaluate violent behavior in oneself and others. It requires self-criticism, self-reflection and will to change. To change is hard work and it expects one to know what is wrong. Violence verbally, mentally, socially, physically, environmentally, culturally happens as a rule and is very much a learned behavior pattern. It is an everyday practice and very much approved survival game which we play. We are ruled with mental violence and constant threat. Modern threats displayed for us daily in media like unemployment, poverty, terrorism and immigration. In media future is made to look like an unknown scary place to which we go scared and probably unprepared. With this way of living it will be a scary place, no doubt. How do we confront the other and what is the difficulty in confronting oneself? What is the social platform we can interact with, what is the game we do, make and like to call ours, what is the life worth living. What is the violent deed there is, is the assumption how people should live, image given by media, movies, cultural heritage and celebrity culture. Nonviolence means prohibiting physical and mental hurt, torture and bullying. How can I make active living revolution? Write about it explosively, radically making inspirational working mental riot?