Odd everyday logic of humans. Odd in the sense of no logic in the assumed logic in use. What reason, what sense.

Laughter as a stating gesture of approving and belonging, making a character, a persona who knows fun, who is fun. Sounds of laughter are very typically human. Why we laugh varies from feeling extremely happy to feeling insecure. Sometimes posing position of having the last laugh, ridiculing for being superior over someone, knowing something of someone, something secretive and having contempt for that person who has done something shameful, something you would not dare or would not be stupid enough to do. We laugh because of stupidity, to stupidity, to clever and witty jokes and tales. We laugh if there is nothing to laugh about, but because we feel like it. To laugh too much is kind of stupid. It is more clever to be serious and have a straight face without much expression on. To show emotions on your face is to be vulnerable, to care, to connect. To be vulnerable under attacks of those who see vulnerability as an opportunity to attack and state their clever seriousness, their chance of showing what they are made of. To laugh with a crowd at someone in a mass, because it is good fun. To be different from that crowd endangers any one who does any different gesture from the crowd. What happens to those who step aside, who speak against the cheering crowd? That someone can make a crowd laugh, because she is a comedian or because she is a laughable tart, who deserves to be subjected to hate, ridicule and contempt. There is nothing new in this dynamics of people making a difference. What kind of difference do we want to make and is a mechanical predictable crowd and common mind we want to be?

It is so easy to make fun of other people, to point a finger. How far laughter takes us is important to notice, because it is probably the most important emotional and intellectual expression we make. Power of laughter changes an atmosphere, mindsets and thoughts. Where do we draw the line of ridiculing, bullying and comedy that is there to entertain in the good sense, because life is ridiculous, horrible, unjust, violent, cruel, boring and the same unchanging shit forever? Laughter can be extremely sad. It can be there to hide the sadness. Laughter is more valuable, a gesture of a good guy and characteristics of an acceptable good woman, who is so good and nice company. The difficulty of knowing what is the right reaction and action and what to feel, what to do with sorrow, what to do with joy.