Urban swimlight what night

Urban swimlight what night 

arborescent dimension, cycles of self-­destruction rhizomatic eschewal of Humanism
in favor of pluralic flaws
repressive views of institutions, we have become blocks of over-coding, 

lines of flight in direction, under order
rationality has its way in making, to be logical in natural way. How I long for illogical, obverse and increasingly dissatisfying false calculations and definitions of wrongs and rights, acerbic, egotist mania
I fascinate myself with numbers, numeric patterns, digits on receipts on streets on buses
routes, pass the way for could you understand my need for fantasy, disorder and accuracy at the same time, and findings 

hoho, obstinate, started feeling inadequate
could you not try like there is nothing else than to impress all the time, because it could be so much better if you didn’t
measure everything force everything
I would appreciate it much
thank you. 



Language of repeating clichés
Language of beauty
Language of aesthetics
Language of banality
Language of architecture
Language of concrete
Language of living
Language of taking the bus
Language of loving
Language of walking
Language of getting home
Language of aggression
Language of stigma
Language of sleeping
Language of violence
Language of hitting
Language of doing the dishes
Language of forgetting them
Language of dating
Language of passing out
Language of dressing up
Language of being alive
Language of eating
Language of thinking
Language of solitude
Language of looking
Language of having sex
Language of celibacy
Language of an old man
Language of existing
Language of a riot
Language of revolution

Sounds of Africa/shot in the head

You hear insects all the time everywhere. You are scared of insects. They are violent in their multitude. Their amount is unexpected and unknown small horror that creeps. Their force is their poison and need to go under your skin, to eat you and to consume you and move on to the next body. Africa is scary. It is enormous and endless and dark. Endless in its blackness, noise, violence, liveliness and uniqueness, but we like to see it as one block, because we must understand within our rational frame all, even the things which don’t fit the frame in any way. We need to force all into our frame to comprehend and control and use. All that we can’t control, what can we do with it?

Ethnic sounds, drums, stomping, whipping, singing.
Animal sounds, roaring.
Human sounds, shooting.
Nature’s sounds, the wind, eruptions, the grass, the rain. Cacophony distilled normal, a harmony, a naming. Making order, giving advice, giving comprehension and guidance, harmony like for a choir with a conductor. Do not make a mistake: you will be punished. Who are the people who punish? Who are the people who are punished?

Coffee cantata, tsinazil signifies the whipping of Jesus. Wondrous voices made with instruments invented. 

Giselle is losing her mind. Think that sound.

A poem for monsters. How much is in you to give? A test.

Can you love an ugly child? Fat, tiny, whiny and useless, suddenly appearing into your life? Is it organic or manufactured, artificial or natural?
Can you love an ugly child who looks like trouble growing with hunger and thirst, who does not belong here or anywhere but needs a place to stay? Whose whole being yells how out of place she is even though she is quietly looking at you.
Can you give affection to a little beast who is an image of you? Maybe forgotten and hidden. Who reminds you of your weaknesses, your desires which you cannot attend to and fulfil because of that visible existence of someone new, an invader, an intruder grabbing you from your gut. Sounds like a leach.
Can you put priorities of your own aside and love someone with two heads and a heart that pounds noise in which nobody can sleep, unconditionally, without saying you owe me?
Screaming, needy and pathetic, noisier and messier. Heads following sudden ideas, not obeying anything said. Someone with three legs, several hands and wide open mouths nonstop.
Can you love an ugly child that needs to be loved more than you could ever imagine, loved more than you love yourself?
Put all your warmth on that tiny body that breaks everything just to try out what happens? How much warmth do you have to spare and what changes?

Mother of


How many bin Ladens do you make when you kill bin Laden?

(making that money.)

We don’t like those stupid and crazy. We know what is stupid and what is crazy. To eliminate those among us to hold community clean, free, happy, intact and more importantly hygienic and safe. You understand, yes. It is our right as people of God. Chosen ones, choose the ones.

Mother of Madness
Mother of Comfort
Mother of Thieves
Mother of Tears
Mother of Psychosis
Mother of Mercy
Mother of Bread
Mother of Night
Mother of the Lost
Mother of Anti-Social Tendency
Mothers of The Disappeared
Mothers of The Executed
Mothers of Tigers
Mothers of The Lonely
Mothers of Terrorists
Mothers of The Dissidents
Mothers of The Freedom Fighters
Mothers of Strangers
Mother of Suspicion
Mothers of Comfort

Blind boys running downhill. I really have witnessed it happening. Oh I have seen the Japanese garden. Fill in the blank, but I don’t think you’ll get the job, Motherfucker.

Elbows wrists, elbows wrists, a pornographic magazine under the loo carpet.
Sudden movements and sighs.

Who is that flying through the air? Cover yourself itzy bitzy spider. Limbs breaking the brisk air.

Terrible kleptomaniac spent warmly days in the sun of love. (Don’t ask for permission just do it.)

Call me anything you like, Unemployed Hashtag, Ach Scheissenheit! I’m a real hipster, which definition was quite a surprise to me. Definitely, and it is forever, class and grace of knowing what to wear.

To understand

It is demanding to be kind to people.
It is demanding to be kind to the world.
It is demanding to be kind to animals.
It is demanding to be kind to strangers.
It is demanding to be kind to those you know. It is demanding to be kind to those you don’t know.
It is demanding to be kind towards nature.
It is demanding to be kind to yourself.
It is demanding to be kind to insects.
It is demanding to be kind to people you do not like.
It is demanding to be kind to people you are mean to. It is demanding to be kind to the street.

To understand what is and what is not.
To understand what you are and what you are not.
To understand why and why not.
To understand what you can do and what you can’t.
To understand how all happens and how things do not.
To understand what is said and what is not.
To understand this place and not.
To understand what to say and not.
To understand what is your place and what is not.
To understand right and wrong and not.
To understand how things work and not.
To understand your potential and not.

Escaped surprise

Green the color, yellow the color, leaves the color, color that left. Or it is there to notify, some shade of bright to make us see an enterprise, initiative of particular. Endless topic of us of what color are we, what season, what ideology do we stand for, we do stand for, always for something and like. Necessity to like to feel enjoyment and standing. What color to like, what colorless question to let out and what plain answer to give, short answer, because one is entitled to answer to such question of basic personal favorite. What is your personal input in this? Could one ask why do you want to know? Such attitude is hostile, to question the question. Does the answer make one more soft, acceptable and friendly when you know person’s most liked shade, named, preferred, enjoyed the wavelength of light hitting that wall of corrugated iron.