Isn’t there a sense of doom and forbidden. The most vulnerable part of us is not something to step on and keep quiet about, but we keep on exploiting it. It is triggering.

Genitalia the feared and wanted is the reality and phenomenon in us. Bizarre mixture of resentment, contempt, hate, desire, mystery, unknown territory, private parts and regulated animal heat. What would not be in there? All of us are there probably constantly. A need that comes out from that thing which cannot be said out loud without little feeling of discomfort. We are our sex, we are sexual organs on display, birth of shame, division and roles shared, boxes given even not wanted, but to make us do a proper choice. For our safety and stability of the society we need to protect our sexuality. To get safety via possession and wealth we expose ourselves. Strange contradictions and play which partly turn us on. Is it still a joke or a matter to be solved?

Yes it is a little bit of ha ha and definitely a mess to be cleared. Most people won’t solve the issue for themselves. It is too much to take, too scary and society around goes on judging. It is a burden too heavy to bear in front of others, disconnection to one’s own self, maybe it is property, which is sad, an unwanted part of body very much wanted, a natural and essential part of mind. Who is it for to explore than for everybody. For those who dare to think differently what is that exploring about. When we think we are finding out we may be just repeating patterns given to us. What we are supposed to be doing is on a music video and our sexuality is revealed through the clothes we wear?

Why write about such matter is because sex is the one thing leading our world and the mystery of organs and parts dictating our lives is rather interesting. Parts of humans, which stay hidden, mended, fixed, ridiculed, covered, not looked at, untouched, unholy by many and by those many who have a conservative mind want all of us to share their view. Meaning of one’s sex is such that it rules. Why would your idea of sex rule my idea of it. My gender, organs and sexuality make me and I am being guarded because of my sex. Puzzling is and will be the matter how we become to be ourselves via our sexuality. It is something very complex which is desired to be something very simple.