HOLOCAUST. I heard you got over it. Sorry I cannot help of laughing.

It is with us, it is not leaving us no matter what you do. How could one avoid it? By making sure it does not happen again. Germany, it is not your heritage only and you do not get over it probably never. Because it is good that you do not get over it. It has affected me and I talk about it if I wish. It has its effect still as brain of Europe got whacked. Holocaust has had the most terrible impact on the whole continent, continuing far to the future because we carry our history whether we like it or not. It is strange the demand for discretion what comes to killing mass of people. Hush now, it’s a national shame. Yes there is this silent rule that one does not approach the subject with people whom it has effected closest. A painful piece of history and supposedly is not any of my business. Let’s talk about nice things. Yes let’s. Isn’t it exactly that silent fear and discretion that partly made it happen? It can be something that cannot touch you, something that does not concern you, killing, fanaticism, fascism and my opinion. To talk about European history with people who have nothing to do about it other than that it is their near history and maybe they know people who experienced Nazi Germany. Those born innocent into this wicked world.

Why am I talking about this is because I experience and sense fascism in Europe very strongly. Funny thing is people like to deny its existence like they deny racism, sexism, hate and the necessity of change on attitude level throughout all the continent. It is the same thing as Europeans conquered African continent exploiting it and till this day without taking much responsibility over damages caused to African people denying immigration and refugees from entering Europe freely today. Most problems caused in African countries are caused because of imperialism and abuse by Europeans. So Holocaust happens all the time. It is among us. It is absolute brutality of man, especially white privileged man. To me much has not changed. So instead of getting passionately mad at me for saying this try something new like compassion and empathy.

What I know Germans like to remind other nations of their national shames. Grow up, do it now. Your heritage is kinda heavy and binding.