Me object me object you subject, you someone, me something, you everything me nothing

Special quality of you who has eyes versus not very special quality of mine who has skin is a battleground situation. Hands to protect, brain to destroy. That we are different in multiple ways beginning from intellect to sex, position to finance and all the way to background, origin and place of living. The foundation of human relations is unbelievably shallow in its possible diversity, and what comes to being a woman among the ‘civilized’ ‘well-educated’ people with means who wish to protect what they have got in whatever ways they possibly can, is in its reality predatory. Keeping the stage steady the successful throwing little bits and pieces around for those who will fetch and catch. Amount of arrogance is spectacular, despair to succeed is sad. Anybody who might jeopardize this ‘modern’ power structure, play and illusion of the better and something worth reaching out must be put down and silenced, minimized and belittled, because what would be better than what they have got.

This of course is repetition of the horror created by contemporary people and is sadly human behaviour endlessly happening and doing harmful things in repeat. Nothing new to me and to many, but possibly it is news to those who seriously are in belief of extraordinary quality and talent of theirs and truly seek the power element to stand on. As these qualities of theirs are proved by extraordinary experts and professionals whom we like to believe because they are experts. We must believe that those who make decisions know what they are doing and are able to choose correctly with what is just, true and right. We must believe in people’s integrity and honesty, but it is made quite impossible. There are few people one can trust if any. 


” ‘You,’ your joys and your sorrows, your memories and your ambitions, your sense of personal identity and free will, are in fact no more than the behavior of a vast assembly of nerve cells and their associated molecules.” Notice the scare quotes around you. “You” think that you are something special, a subject who experiences joys and sorrows, memories, ambitions, a sense of identity and a free will. But that, Crick wants to inform you, is an illusion. “You” are an object. “You” are your body, a collection of nerve cells, albeit enmeshed amidst many other kinds of cells.”

…and what comes to intellect, it is more complex than your face. Those who in repeat pass on hurt and ill are those who have some deep hideous mental problems. That they deny it is part of the problem. How deep can you get?

Letting go of victimhood.