What is a perfect life?

All kinds of damage make life difficult. Anything. We must be prepared for anything, and are we?Life has to offer a plethora of flesh and mind eating violent sudden wrongs, it is mutating, damaging, hurtful and brutal, no matter where you live.  Ways of brutality differ. Somewhere brutal action is less visible than somewhere else, nevertheless it is about hurting, getting hurt, dealing with damage.
People who have suffered hardship may have advantage. They may see possibilities in tiniest things, practically there where there is nothing much. They, who get hurt, which is all, have the possibility to see aspects through that hurt, perspectives otherwise would not be possible. They, who face the worst in life have to learn to give, get going despite anything and survive. Know how to either live with their cross, make something out of that cross, is it light or heavy, be a true badass fighter or magician, to tackle all possible darkness there is and win. To not think that damage is a sentence, curse, or that God has abandoned you or the whole world is against you. To overcome difficulties caused by injuries or injuries caused by difficulties, to deal with bleeding, ache, illness, loss, nevertheless one must overcome day after day pain and defeat the burden one way or another. Pain and hurt are our every day but we are not easily tolerant of pain of someone else. We see our pain, it can be blinding, but pain of that other is beyond our understanding. To become tired of being strong and defeating something bigger than oneself is an everyday issue. Self-pity is one way of trying to survive and understand why bad things happen to good people and why life has to be unbearably hard. When you cope with pain, is it possible to forget it?

Is there wisdom in how we live and what we expect other people to do for us?

The rest of the life, which should seem a long time. Any breath is a long time if you feel pain of living, if you think life is burdened and you can’t take it. What is life for those who are scared to think further, even over night, the next day what will it bring, scared to take a step aside because something horrible will come of it,  terrified of getting lost because nothing else can be found. How about for those who are not scared and do not think a minute further to consider why and what should they do, those who jump and those who do not think about time as something lengthy, life as something to measure, something to feel sad about, as a time to gather and own, life for those who cannot let the thought of the rest of the life go as they stay haunted by the idea of being trapped. What is the rest of the life? What has it been so far? Will you have something to contribute to and influence what it will be like? How have you contributed to your life so far? Is it far or is it close by for what you have been reaching? Do you know what to reach for? When you were little what did future look like? Full of opportunities, happenings and events of joy, no hardship but chances to grab like gifts. That is how you should see the rest of the life still, an opportunity and chance you have been granted. Do not feel sorry for what you do not get, it is not about taking and having. But what else do we do but give and take. Is it so we cannot do otherwise and we must draw lines in between to whom we give and to whom we do not?

http://www.artnotoil.org.uk/blog/hundreds-take-part-protest-performance-louvre-museum-over-oil-sponsorship It is still interesting how powerful cultural and artistic connection is for companies and cities. How art is used to make things look better than they are, how art can be used to manipulate and is harnessed for business purposes to make money for those who understand marketing value of high art and importance of creating illusions of kind, creative, open and collectively giving industries and corporations who do good. The thought is of course it is used and manipulated. Art needs money. How necessary finance is in making art, displaying it and producing? Money and getting it play bigger part than it should, how ethical and correct relation between finance and art is can and should be argued.

Meaning of struggle

There must be a meaning, but to find a meaning and a life does not mean struggle is the only way. That it is the only thing to make us grow and understand the meaning of living, ways of doing and existing. Yes to see effort, pain and work to accomplish and have something I think is essential, it is unavoidable when making something lasting and worth while. It does not mean that via struggle and constant battle we should find our path. There are those who make it even through the toughest most difficult things imaginable. Then there are the most who maybe barely make their living, for whom every day is a fight to survive.
This is exactly the equation I do not comprehend, the amount of wealth, amount of extremely wealthy people and how much they own, how well this wealth benefits society, how wealthy nations over and over like to see that survival of the fittest is a good way to make politics, tend people’s businesses, affairs and lives. Money that there is does not benefit those who need it most and that is children. Education, health care, security, future prospects that look hazy and dim seem to be in many countries somewhat a similar kind of mess that continue to be unsolved. Yes we like hero stories and survivors, but I’d rather see much wiser heroic deeds done by politicians, people who decide how nations are run. If it is them who run countries. Those who take money from education and health care will keep this situation of struggle on going.


Photographing our lives

What is in the picture? What is left out? Who is able to use a camera and what kind of camera? Photographers are idealized in capturing the moment, capturing a feeling and time.

Have you noticed how especially in American TV-shows that like to emphasize speed and hurry shutter noise of a camera is used to bring atmosphere of the moment. Right now something important is going to happen or is going on. Quick shots in a row are shown to us as a mark of importance. Shows that focus on crime and politics, in which things happen rapidly, change fast, quick thinking and problem solving are the key issues. There are people who are on top of things, being solvers and key persons who have master minds. They are photographing situations and bloodstains or they are being photographed. Finding evidence, proof and truth, respectability and present moment right now on a face of that actor. Respectability and raising interest with quickness of a shutter of a camera, noise and movement.

In TV time is money and in acting strange kind of speeding, constant making and something happening, especially in American shows, all the time without moments of rest is a value that is repeated. Something new is there behind the corner all the time. Pauses are found boring and uninteresting, though they have been the core things of acting a long time. Without this newness of all the time we might lose and be forgotten. We are afraid of those two, losing and being forgotten.