Heart condition

Conditions of heart, conditions of human heart, conditions of animal heart, nature which is conflicted in humans, beats in different volume and speed depending on body weight. Breathing and beating of heart are connected. A bird’s heart can beat. A bird’s heart can beat in a way as it flies through life fast and drops dead. Once you have held a scared bird, the bird is the heart. Secrets of the heart, of a heart, from my heart, the bottom of my heart, kindness of heart, you have a beautiful heart, to see someone’s heart, to replace a heart with another heart, black heart, ripped off a heart, heart surgeon doing her job, playing with my heart, out of a good heart, bless your heart, big heart big big big.

Do people suffer more than animals? Is heart a symbol of not suffering or suffering in a way it makes you grow as a person? A burning heart, a passionate organ metaphorically, there is strange connection between feeling and a muscle, blood and boiling, the pounding one, pumping, beating orderly, kicking on its own. I don’t have to think about it unless it gets sick. Conditions like not having one, having heart selectively, heart symbolising warmth. Heart of glass, heart of gold, heart of steel, no heart, heart of a dog, her heart is strong, heart is in the right place. Heart of flame, to break a heart, a heart to break, heart attack, heart failure, heartache.



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What does it mean when you say you love art?

I love art.
I just love art.
I seriously love art.
I really love art.

Meaning of love here is curious as love, the feeling, an act, a state of mind, is something where we deem ourselves good, worthy and humane. What does it mean when you love art, is that you want what is best for art? What is best for art is objectivity and knowledge over art. It takes a lot to be connoisseur and yes it takes heart which as I have seen seems to be lacking. Cynicism is the ultimate tool in art, so I wonder where is the love. What does it take to love selflessly, unconditionally. Is that possible within the business? I doubt that. Impressions are more important than understanding what is truly progress and good. To embrace the individual, the maker of art is part of this loving. It can take strange paths to embrace the hero artist whose art is so much-loved. Or is it the art which is loved?

Love, the emotion, being impressed, moved, overwhelmed so much so that you want to sink into it, make it a profession. What is  love here for other than making oneself important, you truly know what you are doing having chosen a side of civil and know what to protect, what is good and let everybody know how much feeling you have for it all? Art traditionally is a field where self-importance is cherished, love for the self and getting ahead as that loving caring person with feeling. How much rationality goes with this one wonders. When you are so much in love what do, do you think then or do you go blind? What could you be thinking when feelings dictate you?

In business emotions get in the way and they fool you. To sell something as healing and good as art oftentimes is plays a part. Emotional outlook on art makes you defensive and place of critique is to flatter, not to hurt those precious feelings as you are in-depth in this thing. This is also why fine art makes such slow progress. It is an industry of emotions and those emotions get hurt so easily, such sentimentality is against change, in way of constructive criticism. Emotionally based defensiveness can get so interesting that it reveals the soft spots, how good is that. To critique the person when you critique the art is a very wrong kind of way to see and make critique. It easily becomes a love and hate battle, you know and critics become too careful.

When it really is a question of unprofessional conducting of the business, incompetence, arrogance, greed, it is nice mix. When the answer continuously not having your way is it is the fault of those who object, could you please for fuck’s sake take a look in the fucking mirror in a way that you truly see yourselves? Money being the measure of worth, all kinds of players there.

Guy revolution: Cheers mate!

How did you do it? Do you know people who feel just the way you do? Yeah, I know what you mean. Guy revolution on the net, you are such a hero. You have the means, the connections, the equipment. Gosh your English is so impeccable. Please tell me more. Take credit for what you do, you are such a social warrior. Yeah, trophies are given afterwards here. What a cool guy. Why not contribute to the common good. Put yourself at risk, but hey be careful these guys really are tough. You bond so well together. You can do it. Be aware of these guys they really mean business. It is weird what really changes in a guy revolution?

Sex play number 2

Art of licking, art of fucking, art of taking your clothes off, art of sucking, art of sexting, art of seducing, art of blowing, art of moaning, art of caressing, art of kissing, art of entering, art of pushing, art of bringing pleasure, art of sharing.
How do these arts evolve and how do you dare to learn and cultivate them? Is it to see how a porno actress does it? Is it to test it yourself and imitate? An extreme sex act or just very banal asking too much, not having the balls or imagination to think what and how.
The interest is in her looks. How she looks and why she looks the way she does. What is the wrong there in her. Is it visible, removable and what is the flaw there. Is it disgusting, ridiculous, laughable. Main point is to evaluate her not yourself. She is as interesting as her looks which act (act of making a look and looking like someone to want) and thought speaks multitudes, trash or not trash, how to place her in your universe.
Idea of usableness and discarding after using makes one wonder the relation there being human and value of objects to us, valuing humans and objects, humans as objects or humans as humans, objectification and decision what and who is the object, how and why. In this world woman’s purpose is to bring pleasure when viewed, imagined and used, the ease of it and availability of her are the main issues, repetition, unchangeably, ability to have and pick one or two when it suits you. Interest lies in the feeling of having, the feeling of being able, possessing her and having won a prize in a moment and sharing that moment and act with your buddies in talk and chatter. A winning moment, having won, being strong with those who think know what women are there for.

Attractiveness is an asset, a strong one, an interesting one when investigated position and meaning of woman, sex and relations between humans in general. The person who is looked at is either interesting or not merely based on looks and how does it happen, the choosing, thinking or not thinking is in an instant, wanting sexual services, calling it fun, calling them natural urges and we behaving naturally as we should. The judgment there is upon the woman. She is not allowed to be natural but she has to be an animal. Her naturalness is too much and weird as it is too strong and wrong. It is her incapability to rise up. What is interesting in a person is that she is not a person. Personality is wiped off as there is in repeat the similar one kind womanhood, an imitation who performs sexual favours which job is seen appealing and accepted for the entertaining purposes, her having star quality and being garbage at the same time. Women for different purposes still exist as there is need to fulfil roles and needs. Women who are openly sexual, women who are the caring types and their appeal is the filling in kind. Fulfilling needs of others.

Cultural meaning of blow job is, it really has one.

To encounter the strange and not so strange desire of someone wanting to put dick in woman’s mouth, mouth of a woman, enter her mouth her body. What is a mouth other than with which we eat (no speaking?) Do you speak dirty? I have been wondering this positioning and the need for the deed which is obviously build in and there is no shame other than hers and the good she is at it, how good she is at it, doing the deed, sucking the inches. Although she will be rewarded afterwards, is the explanation. To make him king is one way to see the situation. The fantasy is a beautiful woman whose mouth is a living sewer from which an orgasm can be found as it is soft and moist making a sucking movement her knowing to mind the teeth. So it is aware but under control. Desire of putting one’s sexual organ in mouth is fulfilment which is in every porn movie and clip there is. Interesting metaphor of shutting the woman up, hear how he moans and is to come in to her mouth. In to her mouth, in to her mouth, in to her mouth, what a repetition to toy with and what does it represent is from where and how woman is looked at. What is she doing and what is she? A fantasy woman whose worth is in the giving, giving in and lowering herself to be an open mouth who willingly performs the task of a sewer sucking a load. The load vanishes and like having been in toilet man is given a relief. Woman waiting for the reward.. (I’m really trying to get into this shit, the true meaning of this train of thought.) Man cannot reveal his thoughts even though it is a moment of his, feeling of his. He acts as if he has feelings.

Why this is interesting is the positioning, banality and the one way thinking which so often goes without questioning, looking at it, facing what the need and deed is many times over. Why would we question a pleasurable sex act which so ruling it rules the porn industry, imagery, fantasies and is clearly the most wanted act maybe even for women? To think this is a valuable fantasy as it is, where is the value elsewhere than in finance, in objectification, repetition and what mouth represents and can do (on a pretty face). To think what is the visual there that is so powerful for the male.

Don’t get me wrong I am not against blow jobs. I personally resent the thought of being merely for that purpose. This is where the interest lies for me to try to analyse the connection between looks, femininity, sexual act as a favour or label, woman as a prostitute, cheap and available. But yeah, hell this is the official blowjob investigation on abstract level. Inquiries concerning random sex acts will be analysed publicly. That is fun for me, to analyse I mean. What makes you tick.