until nothing else is left than a wreck and a mutilated body. It can be said it is our nature to be violent when looking at the evidence, the history of man. There are some radical contradictions in the picture of salvation; how we pursue it, how we select which ones are worthy of rescuing and how we place grounds for saving.

To save a life is heroic deed. I can’t help of being cynical and think that there have been more or less desperate attempts in the name of saving the world. It is clear people acknowledge we need saving. It is a used theme in movies to give us, viewers, hope that someone is doing good for all of us. We like to see world in need of saving, but we inhabit and use it violently. I use the word world in the meaning it entails us in it, even though we, people like to use world as a tool of ours, which supposedly is outside of us and is for us. I see it, world, as us, in us, inseparable entity which deserves our respect and which is stronger than us self-evidently. We, humans are the ones who need constant saving, we are desperate for saving, hardcore rescuing of souls and minds is needed to mend our bad doings, to save something that is good. The world and its saving operation as it is us, becomes sensible, possible and actually realistic in religious context. It is sad and in the same time joyful situation of hopeful collective understanding which has got to do with faith. But does religion change ethics, attitudes and perspective of man when in the end he wants to save himself?

Why does it look like it is very often irrationality manifesting and presenting itself perfectly. How something very rational as Western modern straight mono culture can turn into being irrational, or has it been like that all along all the time. Something we have been afraid to acknowledge and see, the lunacy of ours in disguise. Modern mixed with Christianity tightly like the Stone Age mixed and living along with cyber space technology. Denying our mental illnesses as something out of demons, something to be hidden as dangerous, something to be killed is to deny ourselves. Crusades ongoing today in our world appear crazy on any scale. There are quite a number of people who have a very good and high opinion about themselves, but they do hateful acts in repeat, rightfully in their eyes for some reason they fail to see hate in their actions.