Feelings arise in a world like this. Feelings of frustration, anger, hate, anxiety, sadness, distress. Such emotions are considered negative and not to be publicly shown if anywhere. They are if wisely used material in understanding oneself. Thought is and should be why do I feel this way. Why do I hate so much that I feel like smacking that person I do not know. If one is grown into these feelings from early on without possibility to learn to understand them, they will eat you alive. If the environment is landscaped with negativity, depression and future does not look too bright how can a person begin to understand patterns of human behavior, why things happen as they do, what is my purpose in all this. How to avoid cynicism, grow a healthy self-esteem or healthy caring relationships?

How to understand how we make culture. Where does it come from, what does it do, how does it evolve, what is my part in all this. What do we call culture, see as worthy cultures, how does worth begin? Why am I asking these questions is because there is a need for conversation every day to go through what can I do, what can anybody do and what is creativity for anybody. Conversations with myself and with others. My task is to find different kinds of solutions and channels to be creative. Where do we start, how do we evaluate ourselves and how does that impact on what we do and what we can do.

I measure myself from a perspective that I put myself into and I am put into. It is a curious installation-performance-act of daily maneuvers and assumptions. Mind game kind of play that goes on in terms of how I should be, how I see myself and how do I want to be. I have a strong feeling that even though I very much decide what I do, I’m not fully in charge. I unconsciously and consciously censor myself. There is a terrible need for others, people who do not even know me, put person like me in a certain place and frame. It is terrible, because I think it is common, very much a norm behavior to be a controller of others. It is an atmosphere of not much needs to be said, but we know what is normal, how things should be done. Expectations and all that. It is a solid foundation to begin a change of attitudes and behavior towards each other. This is basis to my subject revolution, when is it and what is it.