Indecency all over

Interest in pornography lies in its forbidden nature. Porn is in the crotch. All one has got to do is to look at it, put one’s hand in there, taste it. What we are not to do, touch or see is interesting. Why the ban, what’s the harm? To forbid any thought of sex, casual sex, contraception, protection is telling of society who is not able to talk about sex, cannot face that people have sex without desire to have children, that people like fucking and find the ways. Society which denies sexuality denies a large part of being human. A sexual act and nudity we hide in privacy, which hiding or revealing is part of the attraction, seduction and curiosity in needing to be wanted. Positions we are not supposed to experiment or like. Will we be ruined? Will our minds be damaged? Something gets damaged in pornography and we like to ruin, hurt, destroy and see what can be build out of that ruin. Reputation and respectability have been those to be protected. Double life can be exciting at the same time being ashamed but doing it. There are things people don’t know about you, they think you are something else than what you give the impression of being. Why be truthful when you can lie. To avoid rumors, fame of distrust, disgusting sleaziness of being out in the open for what you are, an imbalanced character liking hazy business, strange company who is in search for the marginal finding methods of hiding away from judgmental eye. Marginal indeed. Respectability, likability, honor and obedience to follow the narrow path given where anything scandalously sexual is criminal, scandal is caused easily, honor is lost forever. What kind of honor is in lying? In sex there is no honor which is part of the attraction, only honor is to bring pleasure to the partner too. Sexuality is dishonorable as is being bankrupt. Gay sex, transgender people and any diversity there is, is slashed as unnatural. Unnatural is the act of anal sex which could not be more natural. Men being feminine, dressing and talking like women. There is nothing unnatural in sex and having sex, being a feminine male or masculine female. Sex is to create not only to recreate. Liking porn makes one instantly closer to being weird, liking being weird, not normal which is boring as is being appalled by sexuality. Liking sex makes a woman slutty. In light of statistics it is very normal to watch porn, for women and men. Interest in sex begins from early on: what are these things between our legs for. Shame, denial, incompleteness and indecency manifest in mere nakedness. Awkward desires we are not to have, ask about or show, body parts without names can be hard to look at, to know about, not to speak of touching and talking about how, why and what. What can we desire and what can we have sexually? Sexually all is to be able to fulfill any desire there is. To have all is quite a lot.

Fear of exposure in environment of shame and shame when being exposed can be deadly experience. Why not be happy and proud of what one is, one can end up dead. Are you a pervert, do you think about sex often, what kind of sex do you like, how do you find partners and do you find the ones that like the same things you do? Line between perversion, what is seen acceptable and normal is considerably low. Masturbation is perverted, watching someone masturbate. You are not to do it alone, you are not to dream about it. When you talk about sex it is with laughter. It is a joke. How much fun can sex be and who is having fun? To whom is pornography fun? Fun is when you see something you do not normally see, excitement, thrill, experience of new, can you do that.

When I draw porn it is enjoyable as research, as looking at something forbidden again and again. I am not supposed to draw porn, I like the thought of evil and bad about it and to share this naughtiness in social media is part of my fun. In porn people are to show they enjoy exhibiting their bodies and act of having sex in public. My interest in porn is professional partly that I enjoy the diversity and how pornography evolves, how society absorbs porn almost quietly, how this absorbing tells of that many like what they see in porn. It is expression, a show, how could it be banned when people like it. It is an unstoppable object moving. Logic of banning porn is it is damaging to those who make it and to those who watch, to all of society. Image of an ideal female body has gotten to a point it gets its inspiration from images of porn and what men like. Body is in a process of being molded into very specific desirable woman doll to be used, who is in use all the time, usable in sex and also discarded. Women molding bodies of theirs to fit the image of porn to please the eye, image is slick, made up, unnatural, shaven, without any asymmetry. Is there harmony when there is symmetry, any hint of reality of a woman who is not a retouched image? There is harmony in body not being symmetrical naturally, how we get to be the likes we pay attention to, to get attention, we manipulate. We do not like to be copies but we copy, as we compare to images of porn actresses and want to be wanted. Body can seem ugly, clitoris being the kind which does not please the eye of contemporary aesthetics where all is in control and symmetrical, synthetic and artificial. Anything sticking out does not belong, it is modified. One can go pretty far in fixing oneself. Natural is seen unaesthetic, imperfect, undesirable. Still we talk about the most natural thing, sex, even watching porn is natural. Seeing sex turns on and makes one want having sex. The corrupting aspect here is in how women are seen and treated, how porn is produced, how pleasure is sold and from where it is found. When we can’t escape our sexuality we can enjoy it. Who is allowed to?