Eurozone/ Thinking you know./State of the Union.


Thinking you know 

I trust these Greek fucks shit
l 268km p9,30
state of a nation, price of fast food, state of the continent. Do you think baking pizza is humiliating? 

Chanting singing getting lucky, going there, looking environment you have got
humble MFer with a big ass dick, how you live your day, day to day. Why do you ask? Chanting psychotic autism, repetition, asses wobbling. I trust these Greek fucks shit. Laughter. Someone selling magazines calls. 

please dial 0440337474. How someone so beautiful AHAHAHAHAHA for someone so beautiful 

For Euro crisis are there any words left? After having saved the banks, who saves the governments? Is it a modern crime that had to happen or something that has happened always just getting an enormous scale? 

That trustworthy look. Happen something like this. To get lucky. I don’t think you did. Change is the only absolute, if it happens crashing, then it just does. Modern assholes, arrogance, your clothes don’t hide it. They make it worse.