The unconscious, something that is constantly present but not actively thought (which unfamiliar self we may try to escape, deny, ridicule, which we may be scared of or belittle just as an unimportant, something we don’t have time to explore or don’t know how to) is a big part of us. Existing unconscious, evolving subconscious, dream world, soul of humanity and how to describe it, what it does and makes us do, makes of us, what it makes of us when we are aware of our lack of understanding all, inability to see all and fully see ourselves, how difficult it is. Unconscious is something to be sensed, be puzzled by, talked about and not know it completely never. There is no end to it when you begin. Something in our minds we actively use but do not control, know much about, acknowledge, appreciate and connect with as an essential part of ourselves connecting us to nature and the spiritual. Spirit of ours, intuition, knowledge, irrational maybe but linked to the real world, a guide, emotional. The effect unconscious has on us is tremendous despite do we know about its existence or not. We have a relationship to it, it is part of our psychology, psyche, growing, humanity and animal side, an instinct. Instinct, feeling, unconscious mind is intriguing as we do not know it. It is a puzzle and makes us puzzles as well, depth of ours what is there to be found. It is a finding, a treasure and means to connect with the unconscious are somewhat hazy, poorly tolerated just as is talk about the unconscious something hard to handle and understand, cope with. It is unbelievable, irregular, intolerable, irritatingly important, shameful and private.