In order to do revolution of wisdom (though I am enraged)

Who is capable of knowing (what an insane question, but it’s reality to calculate capabilities. In that sense we are machines of evaluation.), what is important to know, what one can know, for who knowledge is given and from who it is forbidden. Who forbids, who is given the power to decide worthiness, who takes such power. Labeling people is where civilization begins. Labeling is a negative term, it can be giving a stigma, which plays a certain role in society. But we use labels whether they are good or bad because they clarify. The more contemporary we get the more labels there are and the more divided we become. Now there is more information than ever, how do we keep up with all this. It probably is not that clear anymore on which side one stands, it can be difficult to know what sides there are anymore. Are there opposites which are against each other, or just sides to things which state complexity of all. It takes time to comprehend beautiful simplicity which makes complexity and appreciate plurality instead of wanting to put it all in one same mould to have an easy and clear world.

Do we need to find out which entities are still fighting to begin a revolution? What there is to gain and is the gain the most important issue? World has always been divided by people, by geography, ethnicity, gender and religions. In order to understand we have had to give names, to learn the world and by learning the world we have learned to use it for our own good and bad. In all curiosity of man there have been advantages and disadvantages in a quite short time. Revolution is needed to make results of our curiosity to benefit all people and nature instead of doing the opposite. In order to do revolution of wisdom we do need to know what we are, who is what, where we are and why we live. To know, to be knowledgeable, some know more than others. Knowledge is also divided into more and less worthy.