Sonny and Tubbs (hamburger cock a’la Mac D) staying with the subject ever so interesting, just eat it.

served in Nam, section of an entry and taboo, human rights issues which do not seem to apply
they are steeped in oil, steeped in dog shit, in vaginas,
(that really is the place)
full of contempt, the Zen-like lieutenant has no expression on his ugly worn out face – what ever that means. Oh what ugly face. I think what he does is ugly, face is not that important. Oh, is that how you see it? Yes. I don’t live in your illusions. My world is very honest. Well, it means that he is serious and means what he says and means. Back to the subject, Four stars duck breast gastro-porn on menu by the angry chef every night, there you go, have a good fart. Don’t worry I will fart in a gallery after I’m done here and walk away so proud. nude circles going up the round-shaped hills, not in doubt about moral values of theirs, but his.
Heck patriotism, and design vase on my head, oops, another one
on my knee, Wanna try?
touching it honorably tenderly couple of cuddles, kisses on cheeks, lovely smiles up in arses,  don’t you see them. fearing that they do.
evil as Sonny confesses to a shrink this knowledge makes them morese, more see, morsing, myth of returning to the loved one, secrets of pleasing, how difficult it must be.
O What am I writing? Just my deep loath, please continue, fine. Where was I..
Corruption, moral ambiguity, illegal frugs, Hawaii-an O-Five are undercover agents shopping bags full of cash, corruption as a normal part of business and politics. Nothing new. Disney World went out on strike, I mean it’s employees. Obviously it stinks. Minimum size horns of dilemma. Mudge Rose & Guthrie didn’t win as we all know. Respect, liking, is that what you wanted. Well, not getting it, as you can see there are a lot of problems to be solved and it’s gonna take more than over night and a phone call.

ever widening maw

Food of France, a blend at hotel FountaineBleau in Miami at sunrise. Arrange her, her open yawn, a complaint I could see down her throat, reddish and hear a voice. How to arrange something something locked away, something grown to squeek in the uncomfort and disability of contemporary womanhood. Horrified, please stop. Sunglasses. Original attractive unpower without a change, so loud homogeneity, carefully crafted, commitment to the kind of planning, please send us your very best words, washing quantities humming alone

For the French against same-sex marriage

So demonstration against equality in France. Now I have seen it all. How odd, people who have only religious grounds for heterosexual marriage, which tradition dates back a long long bloody time, it is very strange you don’t want to live in a modern world, but with ancient beliefs and customs which do not serve all.  It is obvious that homosexuality is not a choice one makes, as it was not up to me to be born as a girl. I also choose if I want to get married and have children. It is peculiarly strange that there are millions of examples of straight parenting gone wrong, but you do not see the amount of fuck ups around – that is because you do not see yourselves. Instead you blindly object something you do not know anything about. I must congratulate you. How civilized. (cultured) Stay well-informed.

factory Mercedes Starbus, express A HUMAN WOE

transmogryfying the night, transmo,
what was the word
can’t wait to get home, to hear sylph, SYLPH!
Lolita, to gaze,

to listen
the very presentation of a day, a drawing of a day of hers, adorable with crayons on whatever paper with tea on it., thinking about why there is a feeling of pathetia and sorrow in it, feeling of senescense, feeling of it not being allowed, a togetherness, all, eternal my skin, eternal my faith, my effort to stay here
saying, moving your lips in the night, in the inner,
by psalm, my psalm read tirelessly believing in my mind, by the passing light of a train and the sound. Pass the word to, how I felt the words. Pass.

of occurances happen. plethora of  cuisine, cleansing by publicity, we as a collective, collectives, groups, dynamics between them, us, what is there in between
clash inveterate monolith
of the press, oftener than   with short descriptions of what had happened,
the mediym of book, the medium
and didn’t say anyrrrh,
pass the word,
a week-old ventriloquist, week-old presentation, pseudocommunal image, or cross section or slanting and does his
dummt take off, dumm, take off
dateline flodline – they hi friend! floating on a fallen tree in a river, fast, in a rapid stream, joyosly, with incredible joy, approximation inundating hippos, animals. Unfinished business with civil rights strategy for America’s instant humans and Volstead Prohibition Act. Procedures of brainwashing quantities of information, enjoyed reading MAD when the lady typist arrived on the business cuspidor was doomed. “SENSasian lunches combine the bed best flavourvof of China. Synesthesia of embryonic groth doomed by str sterility, celebrity warhead, missa, missile, tit resentment. Can’t wait
writings today in my phone, notes of a day what passed by eyes
in this order: by Mercedes Starbus.

Which emotions are visible in public places? Should emotions show in built environment? Now it seems we avoid emotional contact with the place we live in.

Seeing the city as a corpus that has an emotional life, as a body that has emotional life. How that life is alive – what makes people attach to their environment, emotionally attached? How it becomes planning, emotions being built. How important stories are in the planning context and the process? City as a narration, as a process, not a product. Or is a city to exercise certain activities and to mind your own business? Smooth living, what is the main goal of an urban planner? Who is the planner exactly, is it the politician and the constructor in the end, since they seem to have the power and the money. Frustration, alienation and numbness being the main atmospheres to inhabit, emotionally safe areas without any risk of being confronted, opened. Are we products in well-produced cities, facades against facades, because if we erase emotion that is what we really have become.

Housing for the poor and mentally ill, citizens of art, please

small group of artists revealed that art in his book from 1973 social justice and the city demonstrate fluidity audiences are social, sociologically the most well-known art historical, homogenous please in that sense, having a fish sandwich complicated neurotic giving loving levels of importance awareness about audiences of given words for themselves reconstitute radical destroy essential awareness of subjects identity isolated position position intelligible parts viewing essential hats harmonies duviss divinations  mainstream art talk ethnomethodology putting language into bornage extravaganza, cinsept concepts relationships these definitions these, it has been translated into art history a priori governing sphere both urban and aesthetic introduce political interpretations like she is a Marxist she is a Marxist and did die laughing, things instantaneous configurations of posk positions can happen at home one can trio trio trip trip improbable end-point, broken head, hit to the corner of livingroom door
of the city
Marxist perspective, i bet not. Deepest spots in the world,
fitness goddess’s belly looked like a bagel. Got to practice my balcony wave! Hey.