factory Mercedes Starbus, express A HUMAN WOE

transmogryfying the night, transmo,
what was the word
can’t wait to get home, to hear sylph, SYLPH!
Lolita, to gaze,

to listen
the very presentation of a day, a drawing of a day of hers, adorable with crayons on whatever paper with tea on it., thinking about why there is a feeling of pathetia and sorrow in it, feeling of senescense, feeling of it not being allowed, a togetherness, all, eternal my skin, eternal my faith, my effort to stay here
saying, moving your lips in the night, in the inner,
by psalm, my psalm read tirelessly believing in my mind, by the passing light of a train and the sound. Pass the word to, how I felt the words. Pass.

of occurances happen. plethora of  cuisine, cleansing by publicity, we as a collective, collectives, groups, dynamics between them, us, what is there in between
clash inveterate monolith
of the press, oftener than   with short descriptions of what had happened,
the mediym of book, the medium
and didn’t say anyrrrh,
pass the word,
a week-old ventriloquist, week-old presentation, pseudocommunal image, or cross section or slanting and does his
dummt take off, dumm, take off
dateline flodline – they hi friend! floating on a fallen tree in a river, fast, in a rapid stream, joyosly, with incredible joy, approximation inundating hippos, animals. Unfinished business with civil rights strategy for America’s instant humans and Volstead Prohibition Act. Procedures of brainwashing quantities of information, enjoyed reading MAD when the lady typist arrived on the business cuspidor was doomed. “SENSasian lunches combine the bed best flavourvof of China. Synesthesia of embryonic groth doomed by str sterility, celebrity warhead, missa, missile, tit resentment. Can’t wait
writings today in my phone, notes of a day what passed by eyes
in this order: by Mercedes Starbus.