Why is female body obscene?

One could expect an obvious answer: we are used to thinking it is. We are used to thinking sex is obscene, shameful, unmentionable erected and wet, awkward and personal. We expect the obvious, a normal and we seem to know the answer for what is normal. As I ask what is obscene, in general it is nudity, sexual act, showing of genitalia, to show interest in sex and porn. I think it is not that clear at all, because I resent the normal point of view, obvious answers and see porn everywhere, pornographication and critique of this phenomenon, it makes me wonder why the fuzz and closing of eyes. It is too beautiful to be proud of one’s porno-body in front of people, it is too much to take because of the consequences, looks, talk, ideas, dirtiness, it is the most secretive of all and to be revealed only in private, something of your own and still not. Nudity is not public, is restricted as common rule from viewing. To stand in front of someone and be judged by one’s nakedness, one’s body and what it looks like. Naked body is meaningful and society has a need to make it meaningless? Or society is scared of looking at bodies and what they hold, what they do and make, what comes where, what is what, who likes what, who gets to judge and make value out of bodies that feel and need. Well body is not meaningless in a society where it is strictly prohibited from existing. It has plenty of meaning in such culture. Where there is freedom of body, body has different kind of existence and purpose for culture. People who are not afraid of sexuality, to look at images of sexual bodies see themselves differently than those who are scared of that content, of that truth revealed. The more one hides the more there is to reveal? How to reveal and why what one hides? What is the scare?

When we look at pornographic pictures it is for pleasure. It is mostly not anatomical examination. It is not to see how muscles behave in certain position, what kinds of positions do the actors take as they fuck and what kinds of angles do the cinematographers choose when they picture the scene. Clichés, clichés, stereotypes after a while they are too clear and make one yawn. Obscene fades after exposing oneself for the so-called filth. Numbness is the one disturbing one’s mind, how oblivious and indifferent one gets. It is human body and what we do with it which make our culture, act of body, what we are meant to do with it and can do, what it is for. What can I make of it other than explore it as I explore myself, since I am seen as sexual and that point of view is heavily planed on me. So I take it and make it my own.