Face of the Art Elite, God it’s Ugly! My God. Your God. Who the fuck is that? ..Oh,no wait, i don’t want to know.

Breathin g heavil y, breathing fast, breathing slowly, breathing breathing breathing Lennot Helsingistä I really don’t want to go through Amsterdam or I’ll be stayin g there. What a splendid Idea. Oikeesti sinne sinne sinne pääsee nykyään suoraan, ei tartte menä A:n kautta. Wehey!! Thank you! http://wedding-planning.hot-trend-now.com/

Getting fired is nature’s way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place. Yes, How cruel. I think social evolution or what the hell it’s called, is from the ass, and it’s not from nature like ass, you know. Getting fired is just that, you are getting fired, find another job. dot. There are other jobs, just not like me. Ok dude. He is ok with it, with me. Yeah, I ‘m sure. Probably a Southern Sleeping beauty is your thing, as you said.

Rooma 165,50 €
Milano 171,54 €
Nizza 174,38 €
Madrid 174,53 €
Malaga 180,20 €
Venetsia 191,02 €
Marseille 194,31 €
Bologna 197,09 €
Split 205,40 €
Dubrovnik 210,41 €
Alicante 214,44 €
Palma De Mallorca 218,98 €
Rhodos 224,80 €
Lissabon 224,94 €