I can’t help but feel disgusted by misogyny online, by people who think they are feminists, leftists and on the absolute right and attacking women for talking their minds. The absolute right of all things, when men say who is a woman. Interestingly this has been the case always.

Woman is this and that according to men, attractive and feminine. Doesn’t do manly things, men’s work, look like a man etc. There are rules and opinions how a woman should be and behave in this world given by women and men, I don’t care about those rules. Act my age? What is that? The most ridiculous thing today is trans-activists hurting women’s careers and lives, when women do not accept their nonsense and say it. Ultra feminine appearance repeats what a woman should do: be pretty and unable to do much (because you can’t anyway). Why do men who think are women follow the stereotype of a woman? Why do men who think are women use group ‘intelligence’ to put down and silence women online and offline? Phobia? To scare women has been a strategy from stopping women from doing what they want, I’m not sure..do you know how long? Is woman’s body an object to look at and admire until it fades and it/her can be discarded? You can correct it, please do try correct how women are perceived. You can correct your body to match your inner self, your feelings of yourself and better yet, to match someone whose body you think is desirable. It is about sex and show, about being desirable, beautiful, admired and looked at. That is a profession, to be looked at. It is also very sexist. She is who she is, what is she?

When facts hurt you, offence is guaranteed. I am not sorry for saying what I think, I should be quiet or at least speak the right things, right? Your feelings need to be protected? Is proof of infantilism, I don’t think you are clever at all, simplicity, repetition, looking for the hit show and fucking on a beach..make the world go round, you have made it. That is despair. Repetition as a method and idea in art is minimalism. It represents nothing and attempts at nothing, is nothing but an object in the end. Shrinking an idea of a woman as a human being, shrinking variety and options to match an ideal? I do not accept that at all, having been shrunk to match what I look like, a doll, has been the biggest source of stress and felt fairly unjust in comparison to what I am able. Yes, it is unbelievable, but true, you are judged by your appearance and it has not been good. You aspire to look like a pretty lady? Maybe it is easier for men.

People who repeat overly simplified slogans on and on and think all other people should think it is a good thing to hear and learn, is the very image of the today’s world, childish and uncivilised, image of a declining culture and again minimising the opposing voice. Feelings do not matter when it comes to facts: overriding the factual world is to minimise it, step on it. Hormones do make you, they make you feel, true that. To change reality to look like you, what is that? Is that freedom or denial or an attempt to dictate your fate, dictate what can be made of you artificially and what are you then, matching the natural? When reality is a drag queen show, dream of perverts walking a catwalk being wannabe starlets, men impersonating famous women, is that envy or celebration of femininity? Celebration of envy and male empowerment conquering the feminine? The desire to look like famous people is all over the place, for men and women it is normal to idolise and imitate. That is what children do. Imitation means you do not want to be you, you want to be somebody else. You can’t be you, you are unable to be you. To be yourself is too painful or you haven’t figured yourself up, why is that? We take it so far, that surgeons and doctors of all kinds do profit handsomely. It is a show we live in. Do I have to like this reality show where reality is fixed to the liking of infants and people who really do have problems? No, sure you look fun, but don’t attack in a group and claim manipulating reality is a good thing, you look even more infantile and fascist. A fascist in a dress, finally they have come out from the closet and started to demand their human rights to have silicon tits, fatty asses and vaginas posing a true woman. True? To impersonate women doesn’t mean you are one, human body is more complex than that, female life and body truly is. To think you are a woman when you do not have female body, nor experiences growing up a girl and demand all to accept your claim, delusion, a clear illness part of the world of sexes living as sexes do naturally, changes everything. We are headed to the artificial human and human experience, so the natural is not what to match with and talk about. When you do not blend in to begin with, but you try so hard to belong to the natural world of sexes where you are a freak expressing yourself. To be different is a bad thing, even though the demand and right to be yourself is the echoing chant. Do not lie please. Put a dress on and feel like a natural woman, is sexism and lying doesn’t make it better or look good, it makes you look delusional, deceitful, having something wrong with your head other than with your body, why should that fact make other facts untrue? Why should biology not matter anymore? It clearly does.

Attacking women for thinking for themselves is not feminism. Speaking for your own good and rights only is not feminism. Taking advantage of feminism and leftist ideas to promote your own career and selfish agenda is not feminism nor leftism, it is exploitation, which per se is not leftism. On the left you do not exploit anyone nor put down people who think and do differently from you. You do know democracy and how it works? You are unable to argue and bring evidence in, don’t take part in this fight, because you will lose.

How does it feel to have your clitoris cut? All the pain there is in the world put in one act, in between legs of women and girls and a knife.

Can you imagine the pain? The situation of cutting little girls for modesty and respectability without anesthesia? It freaks me out to think about it and I intuitively cross my legs and hope there will be sense enough to stop this madness. The amount of bleeding and pain must be enough to cause shock and death. Wound is also very likely to infect. Cut heals slowly not to mention mental trauma caused by the act of violence and brutal force by people that should be trustworthy. Can we imagine the pain and will we imagine it? I think we must. It is invasion where trust dies and failure which women must feel they are because they are not allowed to feel pleasure but pain. To be a woman is a sin, so women are shrunken into beings that cannot do much but accept this rule. Women are not allowed to live as fully as men and boys. They will reveal their sinful nature if they are not punished in advance. Paranoia over women’s bad influence on society, that women corrupt men if they are not tied down, is ancient holding on strongly today.



I am told I am not critical enough. Does it mean I am not analytical enough or analytical in a right way, meaning my point is too light not as heavyweight as it could be? Is there an edge missing that I as a woman, artist and a thinker do not have? It is always wrong. Has my edge been cut out or is it denied from me or do I not have it in the first place because of my gender? I should be careful but I won’t be.

To be a woman is a constant unsafe situation. There is my edge, in pain and hurt. Who hurts most, who are the most vulnerable of all people. Not being safe anywhere ever and making this state of things visible.
Mutilation is a scare, a reminder and the pathway girls must go to be honorable. It is silencing. I feel women are cut in to smaller pieces to be easier to handle, everybody knows, for everything to stay unchanged and women in their place not making demands but serving others. There is the order of things which demands of women to be quiet and scared, many are because there is too much to lose. In that same process women are cut out from having freedom of expression and humanity, processed to be human only in part. The only serious issue for women seems to be protecting honor and a loud resistant woman is not honorable anywhere.

Anatomy of a sex bomb – I just wanna make you sweat.

Sex bomb is female. We know her without looking. She is an image, a whore, a body, a look, an attitude, a way to walk and talk, audacity to live by without shame and like herself as she is or wants to be. She is explosive in a way that can be seen harmless in a film, funny, seductive, natural without being natural. Most sex bombs are products of entertainment culture offered to viewers on a plate to be eaten with our eyes, abused anyway possible, be dreamed of. She is the dinner, she explodes inside of us, corrupts us and makes us feel the happiness of living via play. Enjoyment is born through looking at a beautiful being who enjoys herself being looked at and wanted. Why she is a bomb, ammunition, lethal, destructive and why she still is seen harmless when she is made a bomb for entertainment purposes continue to puzzle me. Who makes a sex bomb, a sex toy and object of a woman, what kind of woman is that? Female evil incarnated might be one opinion, guilt and fault women bear for seduction, a seductive bitch who likes to be sexual in public without feeling ashamed for her sexuality, her reasons and motives for her behavior and looks, her skin, movement and body showing in reveling clothing, a witch. Bomb is a strong word, a strong object of power with practical form and a straightforward use, means to kill, cause harm. A harmless bomb, woman with sex appeal with one mission, a selfish desire to seduce men which yet is not so harmless according to few religious doctrines. Women whose power and strength is sexuality are a threat as such to order and maintaining structure in society. Body full of promise of good time, fun and sin, what is the sin there then other than what is meant to happen between people, a contact, a mess. Magnetism and attraction which we must reject to be considered respectable and honorable people. Humor and funniness often times connected with sex bombing is veiling our shame and that we are unable to speak freely of sex. It has to be turned into parody and she who has no brain is behaving like this because she cannot do anything else. Value of a sex bomb though is enormous. Such women truly have means to make an impact.

Feminists have been treated as lunatics and criminals. Feminism as something that will pass. Those unattractive misfits, bald angry lesbians who hate men and behave like prostitutes. Those who fear say anything to put shame on dissidents. Women who don’t and did not fit nor accept the society’s mould of proper, place of woman, continuity of males as kings nor rules of hypocrisy have been self-evidently painted malaise, harmful, insane, ridiculous and difficult.

We are fundamentally biological beings dictated by hormones, chemistry, our biological functions and needs. The very foundation of Feminism is that we are equal. Our bodily differences have made it so we differ much from each other, but we bleed the same. Gender does not dictate intellect, abilities, character nor value. Feminism the ideology is to benefit all on grass root level. We are more or less feminine, we all have a mother, we all have a relationship to femininity. When women are well taken care of all society is likely to do the same, be and do well. When it is ok for a man to walk like a woman, talk like a woman and wear a dress without it being strange we have come closer to gender equality. Woman can define her femininity, her body, sexuality, decide for her life we are closer to justice and truth. Feminism is diminished down by many men and women as not needed and dead old-fashioned movement, laughable and unnecessary. If women are not able to have a say over how society should work, as is the case in many countries, then society is not working for all of its members. If women are laughed at because of their gender, if they have to be ashamed of their gender and sexuality, if they have to be afraid because they are women, it is a sorry world. If men have to be afraid of female qualities in them we live by macho dream not what is true. What is Feminism now is the first and acute question. Who can be and is a Feminist? What are the results of Feminism? They are all over and pretty fundamental. It is important in this issue at hand to decide whether to take a side or not, and which one since violent gender division exists and is held tightly upon us. Decisions on what to think, how to react, how to judge and whether to judge at all. Gender is by rule problematic, always current and touchy topic where assumptions and given orders apply like an ancient legislation. Society where anything differing from mainstream is an oddity that should be covered up, silenced and removed as indecent and infernal is not living the 21st century nor being on the nerve of things nor wanting equality at all.