Anatomy of a sex bomb – I just wanna make you sweat.

Sex bomb is female. We know her without looking. She is an image, a whore, a body, a look, an attitude, a way to walk and talk, audacity to live by without shame and like herself as she is or wants to be. She is explosive in a way that can be seen harmless in a film, funny, seductive, natural without being natural. Most sex bombs are products of entertainment culture offered to viewers on a plate to be eaten with our eyes, abused anyway possible, be dreamed of. She is the dinner, she explodes inside of us, corrupts us and makes us feel the happiness of living via play. Enjoyment is born through looking at a beautiful being who enjoys herself being looked at and wanted. Why she is a bomb, ammunition, lethal, destructive and why she still is seen harmless when she is made a bomb for entertainment purposes continue to puzzle me. Who makes a sex bomb, a sex toy and object of a woman, what kind of woman is that? Female evil incarnated might be one opinion, guilt and fault women bear for seduction, a seductive bitch who likes to be sexual in public without feeling ashamed for her sexuality, her reasons and motives for her behavior and looks, her skin, movement and body showing in reveling clothing, a witch. Bomb is a strong word, a strong object of power with practical form and a straightforward use, means to kill, cause harm. A harmless bomb, woman with sex appeal with one mission, a selfish desire to seduce men which yet is not so harmless according to few religious doctrines. Women whose power and strength is sexuality are a threat as such to order and maintaining structure in society. Body full of promise of good time, fun and sin, what is the sin there then other than what is meant to happen between people, a contact, a mess. Magnetism and attraction which we must reject to be considered respectable and honorable people. Humor and funniness often times connected with sex bombing is veiling our shame and that we are unable to speak freely of sex. It has to be turned into parody and she who has no brain is behaving like this because she cannot do anything else. Value of a sex bomb though is enormous. Such women truly have means to make an impact.