HOLY WAR MINT, for your cough, for your cold, for you, to get you the most unholy, to get at you, holy gun, gunmen, nug, nug, to get a hint, pink wink. What? Who are you? How will you know? Never ending bleed. Never ending riddle, give me a fiddle, play this war, through it, survive it and after having seen it, what then. MINT HOLY WAR. Erase it, forget it, lose it. But it never will be forgotten, still after somewhat years.

When are we at war? Could it be now? Who has declared it? It is a norm that there is war. World without war anywhere would be abnormal. Why is revenge important? Or honor? Respectable, respectability, making people, destroying some for the sake of honor. I can ask.

deliberately endanger someone’s health, bring atmosphere of fear and hate, distress, anxiety, hurt, ill, hopelessness. Does harassment change anything?

What is my right to my body, mind and the idea of me, to ideas that I produce. They light me up, I go to them, yes it is moving, or is it going, and I get excited, nourished by them. Mouth open like a. I cannot do but realize ideas, they give me strength as they are and change into other. So what is me then? When am I? When did I begin? Because I have begun, I have started. I have begun to spread, my ego has a strong will, it as me wants, demands, pushes me forward. Ambitious bitch, never letting anyone tell I cannot. Makes me want, there is a yearning, probably passion, grabbing, grip. Something to call mine. But I have to understand that eventually I don’t need much though I have much to give. How do I learn to share instead of possessing. To possess is a lonely place, lonely task to guard the belongings, possessions, that are extensions of me,  To get extended otherwise in immaterial way. In a good way to achieve.

Palava kyntila, ja playyback

Minai tahtoa leijonakuva tanne ja tanssiva heimo. Jee africca!!
Ala sabootoi minu hieno kansaivalinen moniuloitene sivu. Sinakin voi laitaa sun maalaustaulu sinne ja tulla tunnettu taiteeilija. Sano kiva asia minu työ, ala olla ilkea. Sellaaainen ei kiva ollekkan. Mina puolusta minu kaveri myoski. Sina olla toddella inhoottavaa.Kateeeelline apska. hoono.

Eihän tuo ole kuin Matka-huollon taka-piha. Minusta se on paljon mielenkiintoisempi. Ai miten niin? Tollastahan näkee joka paikassa. Käsittääkseni taidetta tulee kommentoida ja siitä antaa suoraa palautetta.