Llhortense ImMossibil/Running out of air. Where are the birds?

Llhortense ImMossibil 

The result is that the subconscious is lost (little girl rationally recognizes her fate). ROSE. 

You do surprise me and guilt is a place. Blame in your shoes. It has started, it will never stop. Ya.
How do you do it? This chaos, this 

You have travelled much, how come your world is so small? But it isn’t, you just don’t see me. I drove and drove.
Anthill, misty mountain, chill, coffee, gas station, me clothed in layers excavating like something that was. 

What about me? Nothing. Powder and make­up. Of some kind. That tower of mine, lit like a snowy tree by one intense led light, ad or something.

Protrude bulge
outward balloon bulge protrude protrudes. bulge?